Tuesday, May 22, 2018


It takes courage to stand up against the authority of a group you belong to that has become tyrannical.

You could say that doing so carries a price.

You might say THAT is the the Price of Freedom.

Most Germans did not stand up to the Nazis.

On the other hand, SOME British Subjects stood up to King George.  They paid the price.  They earned FREEDOM for YOU.

The key word here is COURAGE.

Confronted by tyranny, what will you do?

You could think positive thoughts.  You could pray, but if you don't carry through your thoughts into actions, then you have become the tyrant, doing as the tyrant wants you to do, and tacitly complying, and in effect, being the tyrant.

There's the classic Nazi proverbial excuse: "We were following orders."

Where is this going?

It's going HERE:

We don't have to like Trump.  We don't have to agree on anything he does or says.

But we now see that Trump was spied on. He was spied on by One, Two, maybe more spies.  Who commissioned the spies?

We know already that former Director of the CIA, John Brennan spied on Congress.  We already know former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied, when he said the NSA was not spying on Americans.

Now we KNOW that certain individuals within Intelligence agencies and police agencies spied on a political campaign, and THUS attempted to interfere in an election, and when they failed, they continued to try to usurp YOUR VOTES, and now continue to do so.

They continue to hide their operations through various forms of refusal to comply with orders from YOUR Representatives to divulge information about their insurrection, charging even that disclosure would harm our "democracy."

What they fear from disclosure is the inevitable gallows that awaits them, because they have already done the damage of destroying our REPUBLIC, by trashing our Constitution, weaponizing the force and power of your government, the power of Life and Death, and threats against YOU at the point of THEIR guns.

They have and continue to usurp and overthrow YOUR decisions, YOUR intent, YOUR votes to carry on with their Tyranny, and now even issue threats against your representatives and therefore YOU.

Your quiet response is mistaken by the tyrants as submission, but I submit that they are grossly mistaken.  There is no doubt what your response will be to tyrants and tyranny.  The tyrants mistake your patience and wisdom for complacency, and, in error, continue their offensive against YOU, relying on their fellow tyrants in the propaganda media, and those that believe their lies.

It doesn't matter how many spies, or who they used.  They have already sinned. Note their responses.  Are they remorseful?  Or are they arrogant and are they still defending their transgression?

And what of COURAGE?  What of action?  What of those, who you PAY to protect you?

What of those that YOU authorize to use force to act on your behalf?

What of that so called, "rank and file?"

What of the "good guys?"

What are THEY doing now?

They have the guns, the ammunition, supplied by YOU.  Why are they not acting to correct the mistakes of those among them, some of them, their leaders?

Their power is there.

Why do they not use it to protect you?

That's what they signed up for.

That is their DUTY.


Have they chosen to be complicit?  Are they just following orders? Are they resigned or committed to obey the tyrants and to NOT protect you?

What oath have they taken?

Did they take an oath to protect YOU or THEM?

When the smoke clears and YOU run out of patience, what will be their answer to your questions:

"Where were you when my children needed your protection from the the tyrants?"

"Where were YOU, when the tyrants were extinguishing the flame of Freedom for us and our families?"


Find them now.  Implore them to work on your behalf, NOW.

Tell them to use the power of force that you grant them to detain and arrest the perpetrators of tyranny, so that they may be accountable for their crimes.

Tell them to come forth and testify against the perpetrators of tyranny.

Urge them to come out publicly and denounce those who have gone astray.

Do so now, before you have to bypass them, and are required by your concern for your children and their future, to do the work "the good guys" should have done for YOU.

Vanguard of Freedom

Friday, May 4, 2018

The Capitalist

Hillary says she's a capitalist. That's another reason she advances about why she lost the election.

It's very enlightening statement, that one.

A lot of Americans chose a capitalist as President, a businessman. Let's just say he LEANS a bit more than she does toward capitalism, eh?

Let's just say SHE leans a wee bit to the LEFT.

Let's just say that after a revolution, communist or otherwise, you still have to balance the budget, pay the piper, reconcile your checking accounts, pay the credit cards, and count the pennies you have left.

After the butchering, after the slaughter, you have to pay for the burials, and that's a lot of bodies.

And then you have to pay for the food, the indoctrination camps, and the bullets and the gas for those who don't convert. It takes a very good accountant to keep track of all the religious nuts you've exterminated.  Someone has to keep track of all that.

Otherwise, you wind up like the Soviet Union: Broke, alone, and burdened with the broken utopian nightmares you forced with bayonets and guns upon "the masses."

So Hillary is a capitalist?

She's capitalizing on that distraction, the Muel, who gets paid your dollars to keep the limelight away from Hillary's crimes. We all know about the Muel.  Robert, the Muel, Mueller.

Hillary is banking on not being held accountable for emptying the secrets of our entire government via an unsecure server:  No hacking needed.  You wanted to see what we had, all you had to do was browse.  Who do you think "browsed?"

As a side note:  Legislators cannot get files from the Justice Department or the FBI, but our enemies had access to all our files via the state department, via Hillary Clinton's computers.  Our enemies know what the Hillaristas did, but you can't know.

Maybe we're asking the wrong government for those files.  Maybe we should ask Putin for them.  How much do you think we'd have to pay him for them?

Maybe we should ask Iran.  No.  They got paid billions to keep quiet.

Hillary is banking on that.  She's a capitalist.


See more HERE...


Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Rudy and Stormy Pinko Pony Show...

Ok. A loan to Cohen to pay for what was paid to the porn star.  Then apparently, now, a purported accidental admission by legal genius Rudy Giuliani. 

Get that?  Porn star. Legal Genius oopsie. Presidential Gotcha. 


Because that's all they've got to counter the Korea's, the Syria, the Iran, the Caravan, the unemployment stats, the tax cuts, the... get it?

Months ago the Left's gargantuan pariah was going to cause World War III. 

Now the Korean bitter enemies, North and South, are in a Nobel Peace Prize worthy, lovey-dovey date, and the witches and warlocks of the Left have to get that off the headlines at all costs, and Presto! ...

The Rudy and Stormy Pinko Pony Show:

"Look at the Loosie Lawyer with the Porny Stormy ... There's nothing going on OVER THERE!"


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Chronological BOOM! BOOM!


David Hogg's boycott against Laura Ingraham actually helped her ratings rise by over 20 percent.  That's what a report by NEWSBUSTERS is saying.

Hogg's boycott came about after he accused Laura Ingraham of making derogatory comments about Hogg being unable to qualify to get into college.  She apologized, but Hogg instead of withdrawing his attacks, doubled down on Ingraham, claiming she was only apologizing to save her advertisers.

27 advertisers did pull their advertising from Ingraham's show, but other refused, including the My Pillow company, and Fox news stood behind Ingraham, announcing that they would not "allow voices to be censored by agenda driven intimidation efforts."

Hogg was the student journalist that spearheaded, along with survivors of the Parkland high school shooting, nationwide anti-gun protests, aided by Leftist activists and news media.

Rich Noyes at Newsbusters said that "...Fleeing advertisers may have thought they were avoiding controversy, but they are apparently skipping out on a TV audience that’s clearly quite loyal, and bigger than ever..."

Read the full report HERE...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


It's the old bait and switch.

For about the last decade  Facebook has baited you with a host of features, under the guise of helping you, and the "world" to be in "better communication."  Here's the way Kathleen Chaykowski put it in her report, when she wrote in Forbes, in the "Tech Section in 2017.  In this she quotes Zuckerberg:
"... When Facebook ... filed to go public in early 2012, Mark Zuckerberg noted that the social network wasn’t originally designed to be a company. 'It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected,' Zuckerberg wrote in Facebook’s S-1 filing, presenting the business as an engine supporting this goal ..."

You see, he didn't design it to be a company.  It was all for you.  But, fast forward, a few years later, and, well, he made it into a company.  Bait. Switch.  And we all know what the Corporate bottom line is:  $.

And part of that bottom line is to increase profits.  How do you do that in a business model that is based on "free" use?  Change it so that there is an initial "free-use" basic level, and then incrementally charge for additional features. Why would they do it this way?  Because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  The cookie jar contained YOU and your personal info which you gave to them so they could make their mega-bucks.  It's a big scandal now, as you may have heard, and Zuckerberg is now going to supposedly get a shellacking from congress, and woe is he, he will self flagellate,  until the cows come home, and then he will make the changes accordingly.

Except, it's all a ruse.

How is it a ruse?  Well let's start with an article by Daniel Lyons in May of 2010 in NEWSWEEK:  Lyons told us that:
"...you might not know about the latest trend among hipster techies: quitting Facebook. These folks, including a bunch of Google engineers, are bailing out because Facebook just changed its rules so that much of your personal profile information, including where you work, what music you like, and where you went to school, now gets made public by default. Some info is even shared with companies that are special partners of Facebook, like Yelp, Pandora, and Microsoft. And while there are ways to dial back on some of this by tinkering with your privacy settings, it’s tricky to figure out—intentionally so, according to cynics..."
Lyons said, also that:
"... The fear is that people are being lured into Facebook with the promise of a fun, free service, and don’t realize that they’re paying for it by giving up loads of personal information. Facebook then attempts to “monetize” one’s data by selling it to advertisers that want to send targeted messages ... Most folks using Facebook have no idea this is happening. Even if you’re very tech-savvy and do know what the company is up to, you still have no idea what you’re paying for Facebook, because people don’t really know what their personal data is worth ..."

Mind you, that was May of 2010.

On March 21, 2018, Zuckerberg, speaking to CNNMoney's Laurie Segall, he says this:

How does he not get struck by lightning?  Makes you wonder, doesn't it, especially since Lyons told us in 2010 that:
"...The biggest problem, however, is that the company keeps changing the rules. Early on, you could keep everything private. That was the great thing about Facebook—you could create your own little private network. Last year, the company changed its privacy rules so that a lot of things—your city, your profile photo, the names of your friends—were set, by default, to be shared with everyone on the Internet. Sure, you could change everything back and make it private. But most people probably didn’t bother. Now Facebook is going even further by insisting that unless you agree to make things like your hometown, interests, and friends’ names public, then you can’t list them at all..."
And, of course, there was also this, again, from Lyons:
"...The whole kerfuffle is a misunderstanding, according to Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s vice president of communications and public policy. In his version of events, the company is simply making changes to improve the service it provides to users by giving them more 'granular' control over what they share, and if people don’t share information they have a 'less satisfying experience.' Facebook is innovating so rapidly, he says, that people don’t fully understand what the company is doing, and that change is scary ... Some critics think this is more about Facebook looking to make more money. Its original business model, which involved selling ads and putting them at the side of the page, totally flopped. Who wants to look at advertisements when they’re online connecting with their friends? Facebook denies that financial motives drove the changes. 'Of all the criticisms, that’s the one I find most distressing—that anything we’ve done is damaging to users in order for us to make more money,' says Schrage..."

Lyons also said in that article that the privacy issue had already landed Facebook in hot water in Washington, and that Senator Charles Schumer and two others had called on Facebook to change its privacy policy, and that they were urging the Federal Trade Commission to set guidelines for social-networking sites.  He said that in May of 2010, "...a group of 15 online-privacy groups filed a formal complaint with the FTC accusing Facebook of 'unfair and deceptive trade practices.' ..."

It is now April of 2018.  See the time lapse here?  What has Zuckerbook been doing for eight years?  Can you say "caching!"

 It gets better.  Actually it gets much worse.  And this is why this is a ZuckerBook Circus:

Zuckerberg is going to testify before a Congressional committee, but Zuck's not going to be Under Oath.  Oh, he's still "compelled by statute to tell the truth," but he's not under oath.  So watch his testimony.  If he claims he didn't know about all this until recently, then he will have lied, will he have not?

And then there is this little anecdote:  FACEBOOK just happens to be a BIG contributor to the committees that are going to be questioning him:  "...The congressional panel that got the most Facebook contributions is the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which announced Wednesday morning it would question Zuckerberg on April 11.

Members of the committee, whose jurisdiction gives it regulatory power over Internet companies, received nearly $381,000 in contributions tied to Facebook since 2007 ..."  according to Herb Jackson at USA TODAY.

AND Paul V. Fontelo, reporter at ROLL CALL, tells us that 30 lawmakers hold stock in Facebook, including THREE who may be questioning the Zuck.

Of course, no one told Mark Zuckerberg back in 2010 about that article in NEWSWEEK by Daniel Lyons. He runs Facebook, but he didn't know about Schumer and Co., and that oh so tiny complaint  filed with the FTC that was so minuscule that he never found out about it.

TODAY he is saying that he swears he found out just two weeks ago that bad actors were harvesting users’ private info by the millions.  Kevin Poulsen, writing for the Daily Beast, intimates he's lying:
"... But the company was alerted long, long before that ... Facebook was warned five years ago that the 'reverse-lookup' feature in its search engine could be used to harvest names, profiles, and phone numbers for virtually all its users..."  
But the company just found out two weeks ago?  (You can read that HERE)

So, have you been scammed?  You signed on to be in communication with your loved ones, your friends, your groups, but in reality you were providing information that Facebook had promised you it would not sell.  In effect you were an unwitting employee of Facebook, and if this is the case, how much back-pay does Facebook owe you for the use of the precious personal data you, your friends, your family, etc., have provided to ZuckBook, so that it could be sold for zillions?

Mark Zuckerberg in an "Open Letter" said this in 2006:
"...I wanted to make sure we did something about it, and quickly. So we have been coding nonstop for two days to get you better privacy controls. This new privacy page will allow you to choose which types of stories go into your Mini-Feed and your friends' News Feeds, and it also lists the type of actions Facebook will never let any other person know about..."  (Read it HERE)

As Rich Lowery put it in a New York Post editorial today, "...Facebook has always been one big swindle.."  

My money is on the money:  I think the purpose of the ZuckerCircus is more money, but not for you.

What are you going to pay for this time?

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Douglas Burton's article at the Free Beacon titled "Putin Tests the West" says that an attack by Russia on U.K soil against a British subject, specifically the nerve gas poisoning of two of its citizens,  is part of a pattern of attacks, and he leads with this sub-headline:  "... Kremlin watchers: Russian poisonings, election meddling require harsh response..."

Granted, Burton is reporting on the facts, and he tells us that "...An uptick in tense U.S. Russia relations saw Moscow expel 60 dimplomats from Russia ... as retaliation for the United States ordering the removal of 60 Russian officials Monday..."

That we know.

He also reports that at least 27 nations have expelled Russian diplomats as well, thus standing in solidarity with the United Kingdom where a nerve gas poisoning nearly claimed the life of a former Russian spy and his daughter March 4.  And he says that for Russia observers who have been urging a tougher stance against the Putin regime, the White House move was long in coming.

We learn that Luke Harding, "a Kremlin specialist with the Guardian newspaper, in a speech to "Kremlin watchers" called PutinCon, called the poisoning what it was: "... a demonstrative attack, really a kind of terrorist attack..."

At that conference, at which "security was tight, and the location of the event was kept undisclosed until hours before it began," a "presenter," a Vladimir Kara-Murza,  related his experience, claiming that "... he survived two assassination attempts by poisoning and went on to continue his advocacy work at Open Russia..."

Mind you, this was a conference, held in secret, sort of, by an agency "created and funded by the Oslo-based Human Rights Foundation.  For those of us not on the "inside" of this matter, the HRF aims to expose the abuses of dictators worldwide.

Burton reminds us of "...the murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in the United Kingdom in November 2006..."  Again he quotes Harding: 

"... The real story is that the Kremlin is sending a message to these agents. We can do this to you and your family ..."

We can presume from the article as Burton details that we have a dictator doing as he pleases internationally, punishing  ex-operatives in the nations which employed them against him, as he paints himself as "under siege by a hostile Western Conspiracy" (as Harding put it).

Putin waltzed into his 19th year of power, Burton says, "... as either president or premier of the Russian Federation on March 18, despite allegations of ballot stuffing..."

Here's the message, I think:  A Russian dictator is going around assassinating or attempting to assassinate operatives that spied on him and his country. He's doing it at will, because he can, and is going to continue to do so, until what?  Someone stops him? 

Burton provides more details, but the telling tale is a quote he provides by Amy Knight, "an American scholar specializing in Russian history."
"...How many more brazen murders will it take before we take steps to prevent Mr. Putin carrying out more of these crimes? ..."
Well, alright already. 

I would be remiss if I submitted my take just a wee bit lopsided, because, if I remember correctly, didn't dictator Obama take out a terrorist with a drone not too long ago?  Did not Obama take political actions via the U.N. and also purposefully meddle in Israel's election to take out (politically) Benjamin Netanyahu?

Now, when it's our side, we don't mind raining holy hell on ISIS terrorists in a foreign land to keep them from attacking us HERE. 

We got a terrorist "rain-on" on September 11, 2001.  We then rained hell on Iraq.  We are still making Afghanistan pay for hosting the Taliban.

Putin did more than poison a few individuals. He invaded Crimea.  He attempted to invade the Ukraine.

In case you hadn't noticed, the NORKS are raining missiles over Japan... as a threat, for now, but nevertheless, the missiles are real.

Just last week missiles were launched against Saudi Arabia from Yemen.  Yesterday Palestinians "marched" against Israel. Israel retaliated.

Let's stop the pushy-footin' around.  It's WAR.  WE are at war.  The world is at war.  I know. You have to get up every morning and go to work.  It LOOKS like business as usual.  It's not. 

You do go about your business, but you do it in spite of being at war.  YOU are in a war in your own country.  A foreign culture has been "genociding" you for generations, as you go about your business, and, as if it's still business as usual.

Just in the past few weeks you have been attacked again. You were told to surrender. You were told to lay your weapons down, give them up, raise up your hands, and give yourselves up.

It is warfare.

When we face it, and call it what it is, we can then handle it by coming up with the correct solutions. Enemies know that it's a war. They need to know that we know that too.

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