Thursday, April 27, 2017

The HUSH That Speaks Louder Than Words

You probably already know, that Conservative author, Ann Coulter, was prevented from speaking at Berkeley this past week, simply because a few spoiled brats from the Socialist Cult were willing to throw a violent tantrum to keep her from doing so.  Here's the gist:

She was invited by Republican Student groups.  Other groups that did not want her to speak threatened violent protests and demonstrations.  There were violent protests previously, when another Conservative had been invited to speak. The University essentially uninvited Coulter, but then re-invited her, when she said she was coming anyway, but they could not come to an agreement on what day or where she would be able to speak.  Finally Coulter said she would speak at Berkeley plaza, but there were more threats and the University said they could not guarantee her safety or the safety of students.  Finally the groups that invited her backed out of the deal, and she then canceled her speaking engagement.

If it has not already become perfectly clear to anyone that is even remotely, mildly, conservative, that unless you are a stark raving mad Socialist Marxist, inflamed with the schizophrenic, bipolar, transgender, sissified, snowflake, victim syndrome, you are not going to be able to speak reason and logic publicly (or privately for that matter) to anyone anywhere at at any time:  Certainly not at the University of California at Berkeley.

Congratulations are in order for the Berkeley masked, violent Marxist sissies. In loud, spit-lisp'ed-laced lingo, the faggot'ed fuming fascists announced to the world, especially those in it that may want to come to the U.S., that if you do not agree with the pansies' degraded, decadent Socialist "Utopia," you will get slammed with violent tantrums that will so scare the bejesus out of campus "conservatives," that they'll run to hide in their mommies' and daddy's basements, or hang out at the student union, until it's safely Socialist-Marxist again, or it's Sodom and Gomorrah Spring Break orgy-time, at Communist U.

While Ann Coulter (and Milo Yiannopoulos) have been silenced at Berkeley, it is highly unlikely that they will shut-up elsewhere for anyone.  They are simply not the silent quiet type of persons that let Life bull doze them into submission.

In fact, if anything was obvious, it was this.  While the masked fairies dance in thelebration to having bested the big, bad conthervative Ann Coulter, the real winner was Ann Coulter.

Without raising a finger, the dynamic blonde dynamo called attention to the brown-shirt Nazi tactics of the Looney Left, the capitulation and collusion of Berkeley University and the mayor and the town of Berkeley, and the lack of resolve of supposed Coulter student allies.

AND in so doing, Coulter accomplished, possibly much more than she would have, if she had merely been allowed to speak, for it telegraphs for everyone to hear and see, that America, though it was once freed by much blood, sweat and tears from a foreign colonial tyranny, this nation is once again occupied, yes COLONIZED, by a foreign culture, the Socialist Cult, that dominates not just the country's politics, but also its institutions, and although, until now, it has done so carefully by working from "within," it is now doing so by force.

Back in the day, when it was time for a little black girl to go to a white school, when the tyranny of racism kept our citizens segregated, violating our civil rights, soldiers were sent to ensure that no one, including the governor of that state, would discriminate against that little girl.

Well today it was an adult white woman that went, not to attend a University, but merely to say a few words to those that had chosen to listen.

However, now that the tables have been turned, where was the Liberal and Black turnout, the soldiers, the police, and the attendant national outcries to insist and to ensure the the white woman's civil rights were not violated?

Apparently civil rights are a one-way trek in Stalinist America.  Where were the legions of Black or Hispanic grateful ministers and their congregations marching to form a barrier against violence, to ensure that now, another American, Coulter, could have her moment at Berkeley?  Where was the National Guard?  Where was the Police?  Where were the Libertarians?  Where was the ACLU?  WHERE are YOU?

It is far-fetched to have expected a massive turnout in support of Ann Coulter, because America today only protects the civil rights of those that the Socialist Cult deems need protection.

That despicable event at Berkeley also demonstrated that Americans were not in explosive outrage, massively out in the streets protesting in favor of Ann Coulter, because American culture is now dominated by the Socialist Cult.

And on top of that, it is dominated by force.

What now of the rest of us?  Do we now go back to our televisions, our internet, our phones, our devices, and wait for the next transgression?  Do we just wait for that fateful knock at the door, when it's our time to be locked up and silenced?

Or have the brown shirts figuratively already been here?  Is your silence and inaction the result of the Socialist Cult's domination over you?  Is your abode already a prison, a concentration camp?

How is it that you surrendered to them, and were imprisoned, silenced and shackled, and didn't even notice?

And to all those that I and others that worked, both in military service and as civilians to guarantee our Freedoms; to those who now can live without the burden of suppression, racism, discrimination, and with, at least, the ability to fight tyranny, you're welcome.  We'd do it for you and for ourselves again, but it is painfully obvious, at least today, that the favor will not be returned.

Thank you Ann Coulter.  Your resolve has shed the light of reason once again upon a deadly darkness, and with that beam you have penetrated, if briefly, that curtain of tyranny that once again has brought night to what once was the dawn of Freedom.  Who else will join you in doing so?

Vanguard of Freedom

Red Clix Headliners

Advance of Freedom


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