Thursday, December 15, 2016

C.I.A. Tampers With U.S. Presidential Election?

We know that government agencies are politicized. We know government has acted against its own citizens, sometimes in nefarious and murderous ways.

Today we learn that President Barack Obama is attempting to undermine the results of an election by utilizing the CIA claims of Russian hacking of American computers.

In alleging that the Russians are involved, the CIA,  has just admitted to election tampering.  It has been named as the source of allegations that the Russians hacked emails that revealed questionable and illegal actions by the Democratic Party National Committee, which led to the firing of DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and exposed inappropriate behavior by Hillary Clinton campaign operative, John Podesta.

While the controversy swirls about the Russians allegedly hacking into the emails of Americans and American organizations, the CIA appears to be effecting a cover-up of what those allegedly hacked emails contained.  Once again it appears that a government agency is being used to attack Americans, the will of the American people, and the institutions that they hold dear, in this case, the American election, the electoral college, and the results of an election process.

It is a matter of record that the former head of the Democrat National Committee tampered with the Democrat Party primary elections by targeting candidate Bernie Sanders.

Reports have revealed that a series of emails showed Democrat Party officials conspiring to sabotage the campaign of candidate Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont. (source:  New York Times)

The Interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile,  was also found to have been giving Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign advance notice of questions that would be asked during a Democratic primary debate between Clinton and Sanders, an action that caused Brazile to be fired from her position at CNN.

The actions of Brazile and Wasserman Schultz are clear instances of election tampering.  Might we now have a President-elect, Bernie Sanders instead of Donald Trump, if Brazile and Wasserman Shultz not acted how they did?

Again, there is no question that there was election tampering by the DNC in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.

Those actions are illegal and are subject to severe repercussions, legally, financially, and politically.  Even without legal actions against the perpetrators the political ramifications are huge, since it is doubtful the Democrat Party can emerge unscathed from that fiasco.

It is no surprise, then, that the Obama administration, which appears to be frantically determined to save and continue his "legacy," and the legacy, therefore, of the Democrat Party,  would resort to using his politically appointed CIA Director,  John Brennan to advance the narrative that the results of the election were skewed due to Russian hacking.

How desperate must the Democrats be that they have to resort to using the CIA and John Brennan in order to cover their transgressions.

When there has been an incident involving hacking, or leaking of "secrets," there has been no hesitation to pursue and attack the perpetrators by the CIA.  Evidence abounds, but two very prominent actors that come to mind are Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.  However, in this case we do not get the names of alleged perpetrators.

The media, using the CIA as its source(s), is providing no evidence to support their Russian Hacking narrative.  Instead they advance generalities and innuendo.

In their zeal, passion and lust to negate the American voters' mandate of change, the Media ignore and distract from the obvious massive security breaches by Hillary Clinton, and therefore her associates in the State Department, her Aides, and her accomplices, including President Obama, when they communicated via an unsecured server that has undoubtedly compromised not just national security, but the lives and welfare of countless operatives and assets, who have now been exposed to possible torture and murder at the hands of our enemies.

So is the Obama administration now actively involved in covering up its felonies by using the CIA against its own citizens?

Is this effort nothing short of an attempted coup by the Obama Administration, an effort to undermine the will of the American people in a desperate attempt to hold on to power at whatever cost to our Republic?

Obama will not let this crisis go to waste.  The question is who will see through the fog to block Obama's opportunistic overreach for power, and have the insight and strength to thwart the attack?

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