Saturday, January 30, 2016


Do Hillary's Super Top Secret Emails Incriminate Obama?  Is that why YOU can't be shown their content?

We all know by now that the famous Hillary Clinton Emails, very many of which were super classified, are so secret that they have now been placed in even more super secret custody, and are so super secret that your poor innocent eyes may never see their contents.

From Kelly Riddell @ Washington Times:
"...The State Department said Friday it is withholding 22 emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email account for containing “top secret” material, and another 18 messages she exchanged with President Obama, saying those are protected communications. 
Department spokesman John Kirby said the intelligence community said the emails contained that high level of sensitivity and the State Department now agrees with that, and upgraded the classification to prevent their release. 
And unlike other secret messages that were released in part with redactions, these messages won’t be released at all, Mr. Kirby said, pointing to the request by the intelligence community..."
Never mind that every hostile government, dictator, terrorist, and run-of-the-mill enemy of the United States, hacked into that server and possesses those very intimate secrets that YOU cannot see.

Never mind that now every two bit international or local bandit can BLACKMAIL a whole army of federal government workers and political hacks, as a result of Hillary's treasonous leaks of classified intelligence files.

You see, once the government lackeys and politicos became complicit in hiding or withholding or covering up the fact that those files were compromised, they became .... well,  ... able to be BLACKMAILED.

Now any enemy can call up a government aide or secretary or department head, etc., and say they know how they were complicit and that they are guilty of a crime, which amounts to TREASON, and remind the treasonous snake that they can be put away for a very long time for their part of the crime, if they don't do what the enemy orders them to do.    OR an enemy can THREATEN that government worker or Aide, or politico's family and coerce them into working for that enemy.

My hunch is that the State Department has been dragging its feet, as has the Justice Department, as has the FBI, and as have many of the politicos on both sides of the political aisle, in turning over and revealing the Hillary Emails, because they are all incriminated by them in some way, or someone that they are beholden to has been incriminated.

The massive, gargantuan breach of National Security is probably too big to be fathomed.  At this moment in time, who knows how many agents, information sources, secret allies of the U.S., and their families have been murdered, because of this security breach, and so the perpetrators of these crimes are now also accountable to the victims, those that became targets, because of the traitors' security breaches.

That Clinton server was not utilized in a vacuum.

Do not be fooled into thinking that it was only Hillary and her top Aides that were the perpetrators of that treason.  And do not be fooled into believing that certain emails are being withheld from YOU because they are too sensitive for your eyes, when the rest of the world has not only seen them, but has probably already acted on them, and surely by now has initiated a blood-bath across the U.S. international intelligence landscape.

Those emails that are too sensitive for your eyes, most probably incriminate very high government officials, including your beloved and esteemed President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama.

The enemies of the U.S. have all seen by now the contents of those emails.  You can't, because it would kill you to view them.  You might find out just how treasonous your President and his lackeys truly are.

What do YOU think?

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