Tuesday, July 28, 2015


By "Switch" and McKenzie Davis

You may have heard that Facebook has been cracking down on pages, communities, groups, and people who do not tow a Liberal line.

Well, as a result of this Facebook effort “Locked & Loaded News” (a small yet popular independent blog and news page hosted by a man named Jason) on Facebook is no-more.

For what reason, what “atrocity” might Facebook remove a page such as this from their vast domain?

The reason:  The image associated with this post, plus brief roadside footage of the highly attended funeral procession for Col. Skip Wells; a victim of the Chattanooga Terror Attack.

This was determined to be “too controversial” for Facebook’s standards. The reason which Facebook claimed:  "Video taping military funerals is prohibited."  Yet, the footage was of the funeral procession alone – in which many people lined the roadway to honor the fallen. “Heaven forbid” ANYONE report such a thing!

“The Boss” of our website (NGP) who was an Admin on the group page was swept up by the Facebook ban-wagon. She received a 7-day-ban from Facebook. This has become the norm of-late.

As well as receiving 24hr and 3-day-bans every few weeks she also receives two and sometimes even three 7-day-bans a month due to being Admin of various other pages.

Guilt-by-association reigns supreme on Facebook, unless… it seems, you are Liberal, in which case you may run your mouth however you please, insult whoever you want, and call anyone you wish any number of racial-slurs.

Don’t for a minute think that everyone who is part of Facebook is in on it either.

One of our volunteers works (in a heretofore unspecified physical capacity) for Facebook. He too has been swept up by these frivolous bans, frequently, which he too finds to be pretty demoralizing.

As you have seen with the image which led to the L&LN ban, the posts which are flagged, reported, and ultimately selected as “cause” for deletion and censorship are often not controversial. The only “wrongdoing” necessary: Being associated in any way with non-Liberal ideologies, people, pages, groups, communities, or movements.

Essentially, if you are Conservative – you’re likely going to be targeted.

Many pages which I follow report about these actions by Facebook which censor them for up-to 7 days at a time. A few pages I’ve followed have been removed after posting average run-of-the-mill items which Facebook has “deemed” to violate community standards. Occasionally, these pages report that their viewership is down to extremely unusual numbers… which to me indicates that the effort is widespread, and is done in an attempt to censor and silence Conservatives (specifically) and other Middle/Right-Wing groups as well.

If you think this doesn’t affect you because your posts are all Private, or if, for some other reason along those lines, you believe that this effort won’t sweep you up,  I can tell you that personally, I have had posts removed from my (Private) Facebook page which have been flagged by either “friends” or family,  including one post where I asked those flagging my posts to un-friend me.

Yes, that too was flagged – and removed by Facebook due to violating “community standards” etc.

By denying you a platform, Facebook is limiting your voice.

As much as I wish there were a popular alternative to Facebook, right now there is not. So, for the foreseeable future I will (personally) remain on Facebook for the purpose of communicating with Friends and Family. Additionally, NGP will remain on Facebook until such a time that Facebook either no longer allows us to post – or a viable alternative is found through which we may reach others with news we believe should not be overlooked.

Until that time, I wish you and the pages you follow luck!

Seems… we all need it.


This is the APPEAL by Next Generation Patriots to FACEBOOK for their unnecessary, unwarranted, and unjust actions from its publisher and CEO, McKenzie Davis.

If a Tribute to a fallen Military Hero who was killed on US soil is against your
community standards, then what community are you a member of?   
I  went on "Live Radio" last night to publicize this issue.  This has been sent to other Media outlets and we will continue the fight against your constant banning and stomping on Freedom of Speech.  I realize this is a private company.  Sorry,  I thought it was an American  founded company which is protected by these military  service members, which were being honored, and which tribute you banned.
Nothing we published was against your community standards,  and your usurping actions are  complete and utter B.S.   We have bent over backwards to adhere to your community standards and still you do these things to us,  so we are going to the media.  
We had no choice over this constant harassment by facebook personnel. This has been constant.  If  our Tributes to Veterans  are against your community standards,  asking people to remember those who died  in the Chattanooga shooting, I can only say that I am so disgusted at how this happens every month.   
We have found that the reports that prompt your actions have common IP addresses and are not from "real people" reporting,  and currently the same "source" is able to report over and over again.  
Therefore, this is my appeal. This is the same voice I will use to defend the right to remember those fallen military heroes.  
I am a Military Mom and today I appeal your irrational, unjust and absurd actions and request that you reinstate any and all members to good standing, and that you cease and desist your actions of targeting Conservative Facebook Users unjustly.
McKenzie Davis



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