Friday, October 3, 2014


A collage made from the portraits of Stalin an...
A collage made from the portraits of Stalin and Hitler. Inspired by Overy's "The Dictators:Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia" ISBN 0393020304, 9780393020304. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No I am not referring to Ebola.

They are calling it "Radical Islam," a futile attempt to cloak mass murder by serial killers under the guise of some kind of religious crusade or cause.

What to do about them?

Obama won't do anything.  Instead he sides with the faction of sociopaths from Iran.

That would be Putin's side too, wouldn't it?

Either side is stark, raving mad.

It brings to mind the likes of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. No one would argue against how sick those two were.

And yet even they did not compare with the atrocities committed by Adolf HItler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and other famous mass murders.

Whatever their cloak might be, whether it is the curtain of political ideology, or the dark blanket of a "bad childhood," or the excuse of advancing their religion, their blood-lust is the same.

They simply want to murder and to terrorize. Their reasons are merely excuses to kill. They may or may not use religion to "fulfill a prophecy."

Then there are those that sit, wait, and pray for the "final days."  After all, they are "prophesied."  Frying billions of human beings:  Mass murder is the fulfilling of a prophecy?  Better to fry billions than to construct something worthwhile, right?  Building something would be too much work, it appears.

When did any one of them ever build anything?  When did they ever cause or advance the cause of "Life" and "Living."

They are despicable criminals. They are Sociopaths. "Anti-Socials," the psychologists call them.

Usually there are social restraints that keep these blokes in check and under wraps.  But when the social mores deteriorate and dissolve,  these perversions of society feel safe enough to emerge and to act out their depravity upon the rest of the community and upon the rest of the world.

Forget the fancy labels. They are criminals, thugs, murderers.  Take away their flags, their cannons, rockets, knives and swords, put them in jail, and what do you have?

...  A stark-raving mad criminal in a cage.

Root out those that would make excuses for them, who would enable those that terrorize women and children.

Give them no consideration other than to quarantine them from those that can reason.  Eliminate the threat.  Give them no refuge, no quarter, and no place to hide.

Above all, do not disarm, despite their wimpish moans and groans.  Would you surrender your weapons to someone, who had slaughtered millions of defenseless unborn children in a woman's womb?  What would they do to you?

Sane people don't worry about the end of the world, nor about those that would bring an end to it to fulfill their sadistic fantasy of mass murder.

They put period to the nonsense and then get busy with the business of building a civilization with which we can thrive.


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