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Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A political advertisement by the "progressive" (Democrat / Socialist) non-profit organization, "The Agenda Project" that says the C.D.C. is not able to adequately respond to the Ebola crisis because of Republican budget cuts, flies squarely in the teeth of reality.


To say that the Democrats have taken severe liberties with the truth would be a gargantuan understatement, as an editorial by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal shows unequivocally that the CDC's budget prioritizing has been playing politics with American lives.

Jindal effectively points out that
"...Over the past five years, the CDC has received just under $3 billion in transfers from the [Obamacare Prevention and Public Health fund. Yet only 6 percent—$180 million—of that $3 billion went toward building epidemiology and laboratory capacity. Especially given the agency’s postwar roots as the Communicable Disease Center, one would think that “detecting and responding to infectious diseases and other public health threats” warrants a larger funding commitment..."
So what was the CDC doing with the rest of the $3 billion of your tax dollars?

Jindal tells us that $517.3 million of it went to what the CDC calls "the community transformation grant program."

What exactly are your $517 million transforming?

They fund "...neighborhood interventions like 'increasing access to healthy foods by supporting local farmers and developing neighborhood grocery stores,' or “promoting improvements in sidewalks and street lighting to make it safe and easy for people to walk and ride bikes.”

Jindal succinctly points out, that, while these transformational grants promote "...improvements in sidewalks and street lighting to make it safe and easy for people to walk and ride bikes ... they...do little to combat dangerous diseases like Ebola, SARS or anthrax..."

Jindal doesn't trash-talk about those programs, but he does question the wisdom of spending mega-bucks on them while we are facing dangerous pandemics that threaten severely the American population.

Jindal invokes the Constitutional mandate that commands the federal government to "...protect each of [the States] against invasion..."  Jindal says it's a :
"...statement that should apply as much to infectious disease as to foreign powers. So when that same government prioritizes funding for jungle gyms and bike paths over steps to protect our nation from possible pandemics, citizens have every right to question the decisions that got us to this point..."
And to Jindal's point, just so you are not led to believe that it is only a rogue non-profit political organization that is aggressively trying to displace responsibility, avoid accountability, and skirt the truth about the squandering of CDC resources, none other than the Democrats' anointed Obama successor, Hillary Clinton, joined in the attempt to obfuscate the CDC's budget priorities.

As Jindal pointed out in his editorial:
"...In a paid speech last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempted to link spending restraints enacted by Congress—and signed into law by President Obama—to the fight against Ebola. Secretary Clinton claimed that the spending reductions mandated under sequestration 'are really beginning to hurt,' citing the fight against Ebola: 'The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is another example on the response to Ebola—they’re working heroically, but they don’t have the resources they used to have.'..."
Jindal counters with:
"...In recent years, the CDC has received significant amounts of funding. Unfortunately, however, many of those funds have been diverted away from programs that can fight infectious diseases, and toward programs far afield from the CDC’s original purpose..."
Investor's.com (Investor's Business Daily) bluntly exclaims:
"...There haven't been any real cuts to those budgets at all. At least not in the sense that any American household would recognize...The CDC's budget today is 25% bigger than it was in 2008 and 188% bigger than in 2000. The NIH budget has been flat for the past few years, but at a level that's more than double what it was 14 years ago...Plus, spending at both of these agencies has actually been higher than President Obama himself proposed (see chart). The 2014 NIH budget, in fact, is almost $1 billion bigger than Obama sought in his budget plan, released in early 2010..."
Unfortunately this is not only a classic "follow the money" caper. The end of the money trail does not end with the culprits holding the bags of political favors and hefty grants they doled out.  The trail does not end with a nurse in Dallas being treated for Ebola, and the seventy Americans that are now under observation because they had contact with Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, who was killed by that disease.

Neither is the end of the line the government's refusal to stop travelers from West Africa from entering out country, nor the lack of quarantine of people who have had contact with those travelers, whether they are fellow voyagers or the flight crews that have tended to them.

So, what, then, is the end of the line?

Recall Obama's famous declaration:  "...elections have consequences... [and] ... I won..."

Since then the survival ability of Americans has declined exponentially, with millions out of work, many millions on the government dole, millions of illegal aliens invading our borders, armed with issues of criminality, dependency, and disease; the destruction of our economy; the enabling of sadistic terrorists; the trashing of our national security; the shredding of our Constitution and the subsequent destruction of our civil rights; the political repression of our citizens...  Unfortunately, this is not the end of the line either.

The end of the line is what we do between now and election day and beyond.  The end of the line is what we do to get as many of us to the polls to end this cultural homicide.

The end of the line is looking our loved ones in the eye and telling them, that we will not let them die because we allowed our political opponents to leave the biological weapons doors wide open.

The end of the line is the massive mobilization of Americans to make a dramatic change in November, because if we do not, the consequences might not only be our political demise, but the death of our culture, and our deaths as a result of a scourge of diseases, including that most virulent virus: the failure to defend our country against the political parasites that are bleeding our nation dry.

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