Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Handy Dainty Dandy Desert Fairies...

Obama has a strategy for ISIS, but it's not the "plan" he made public during his prime time fourteen minute, "here's the da*ned speech you wanted," speech last night.

And it's not rocket science.

Yes he did make it a point to tell everyone that we are not fighting Islamists in the Middle East. He made that crystal clear.  But he did not say who we ARE fighting.  He did not tell us WHO, then, is murdering Christians, WHO beheaded our journalists, WHO wants to erase Israel, and WHO is committing mass murder in Iraq and Syria.

I have some suggestions, if you care to take a peek. Otherwise, scroll down to the last paragraph.

My suspicion is that the ones raping, pillaging, plundering, and mass murdering in the Middle East, are that secret society of the Dainty Dandy Desert Fairies. Their famous desert cookies don't sell much anymore, and they have sought out alternative means of fund raising.   They finally got fed up with record-low cookie sales and have taken matters into their own hands. They wear masks to hide their faces and their flapping delicate little wings.

AND, they are really ticked off at those that did not buy a camel-load of them-there delicious cookies.  Aiming to set things straight, those sword wielding, machine-gun-shooting, wreakers-of-mayhem-and havoc, mass-murdering little critters  have found another way of funding their desert fairie chapters.

So there. They are not Muslims.  They are desert fairies.

But I digress to Obama's strategy. Are you ready for this one?

His plan, as we all heard recently includes taking out those mass-murdering fairies over a period of three years.  That's right. Three.

How did he come to that figure?  Did he become a strategy genius recently?  Did he lose some teeth recently and then the strategy fairie.... wait. I'm sorry.  Did the strategy GENIE leave a three year strategy under his satin pillow one night?

No.  THREE years just happens to cover how long he's got left in office, unless he's forced to resign before that.  That's THREE years of "waggin' the dog," and keeping those fairies in the news, instead of the pesky, inconvenient scandalous scandals that keep coming up between distractions of the late-breaking news cycles.

Suddenly, the duke of scandal distractions discovers a boogey man... excuse me... boogey fairies... in the Middle East desert, and what with all that beheading, murdering, plundering and pillaging, well, there's enough boogey there to keep those pesky journalists from reporting about the Obama administration plundering, pillaging, and murdering the Constitution.

WHOA! Did i just say that?

What say YOU?  (Well, then say it HERE...)

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