Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monica Moves In With Bill And Hillary In One-Room Shack, and... Cum Baya?

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH
Hillary Clinton  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel Bates @ mailonline says that Hillary Clinton has revealed that she worked through her husband’s affair whilst he was President by making him go through an agonising [sic] 'truth and reconciliation' process.

"..The former US Secretary of State said that she forced Bill Clinton into South Africa-style hearings where he had to be completely honest before she forgave him...She said she was inspired by the country's former leader Nelson Mandela and that she had to act otherwise she would remain in a mental 'prison' for the rest of her life..."

God bless her little pea picking heart... Pardon me, but what exactly would Hillary Clinton know about the truth.  How does this explanation even qualify as a justification?

Didn't we just learn from the boots on the ground, ready-to-go-help-those -under-siege-at-Benghazi, that the would-be rescuers were told to stand down?  And in the thick of it, and after our personnel were slaughtered, hopeless Hillary was touting a video as the cause of the attack?

This might have been under Obama, but let me remind you that in the trials at Nuremberg, more than one National Socialist was hanged, even though they claimed they were "just following orders."

* [careful, now. Watch for the landmines of satire]...

Witness here the self indulgence of full blown narcissists positioning themselves as magnanimous, forgiving victims.  Next they will tell us that poor Monica (Lewinsky) has been totally forgiven and has moved into the delapidated shack they have to reside in, because ... wait for it... they are so, so poor... See Bates' article HERE...

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