Saturday, August 2, 2014

If You Knowingly Bring Ebola To This Country, You Are Stark Raving MAD!

On Rush Limbaugh's EIB Network today El Rushbo put forth his theory about why Obama brought to patients infected with the EBOLA virus to the United States.  His view:
"...I'm going to tell you there are going to be people questioning why. And the people who question why are going to be tagged as heartless, cold, mean-spirited, uncaring, whatever. And I think just the very act of bringing those two Americans here, that is where the credit and the advancement of the Democrat agenda will be attached..."
I'd like to add to the Rush Theory... The only reason someone would bring two infected people into this country, who were infected with EBOLA is because they [the person who brings them here] is stark raving MAD. INSANE. PSYCHOTIC.  We already know that two MEDICAL professionals were infected with the disease, who were working with patients who had it.  These were people, who knew all about the disease, and yet they are infected with it.  They could have been treated in that other country, medical teams sent OVER THERE, until the patients recovered enough not to be infectious and then returned to the U.S. or until they died.  Either way then, they would not be a threat to our nation.

Again. Anyone bringing someone to the homeland infected with a disease that could turn into an epidemic that could potentially kill millions of people must be INSANE. And if it is being done for POLITICAL reasons, they are then CRIMINALLY INSANE.


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