Monday, August 4, 2014

Another Conservative Says it's MADNESS....

Michael Savage 2002
Michael Savage 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You read about it here first on  Vanguard of Freedom, and now Conservative radio-giant, Michael Savage is echoing the stark sound of silence... which you know everyone is thinking, but no one is SAYING:

And that is that bringing two infected EBOLA patients to the U.S. for "treatment" or whatever reason is complete madness.

Read Michael Savage's "...Madness..."   HERE...

Read Vanguard of Freedom's "Stark. Raving. Mad." HERE....

Come on.

It's been in the back of your mind, since you heard they were bringing the EBOLA patients to the U.S.

You have been thinking it..and someone has to say it.

Anyone choosing to bring the EBOLA virus to the U.S. for whatever reason, whether it is to make money via vaccinations or for any other purpose... to do so they must be STARK... RAVING.... MAD.

Your "elected officials" are so concerned about your health, they took the time to bring you the worst health care system ever conceived, and they are now forcing it down your ears, eyes, noses, and throats.

And now they want you to swallow EBOLA....
So, where's you congressman?  Where is your Representative that is looking out for your interests? for your health?

Why is he not out there clamoring, raising the flames of hell against those who would bring an epidemic, not just to your front door, but into your body, for you to die a horrible death?

WHERE are your elected officials?
Have they gone to hide at those "secret" places they have secretly infiltrated  the illegal alien "children" into?

Someone had better start saying something about this very loudly, very quickly, BEFORE information on it is shut down, and it is made into a crime to report on it, because just as the sun sets in the west, your concerns for survival will be "transformed" by the unholy into "hysteria," and your efforts to get the word out will be squashed.

Vanguard of Freedom

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