Friday, July 25, 2014

The Minimum Wage Vampires

Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller informed us this morning that Democrat Representative Jan Schakowsky is daring to "LivetheWage."  Apparently today it's Schakowsky's way of creating outrage at a possible "example" menu listing what someone on minimum wage would eat.  (see that article HERE)

Of course, there are comments galore responding to this and some of them are quite humorous.  The LivetheWage "hashtag" and the idea of attempting to create outrage was sure to backfire, because, among other things, it shows how clearly out of touch Schakowsky and the Obamistas are with the real world.

But the clincher is not what's on the menu, and the larger issue, which the socialist elites completely miss, is something much more revealing. 

And that, dear readers, is what those socialists find really appalling:  That most "real" people have to live within a BUDGET to survive.  Creating a menu REQUIRES a budget, something Schakowsky and the other looters of your hard earned money, as evidenced by their voracious appetite for your tax dollars, know nothing about.

Call me cynical, but I suspect their motives for increasing the minimum wage is not because of their concern about what the benefactors of a minimum wage increase would eat, but that it might just put some of them in a tax bracket that would net more taxes for the socialist's grubby little fingers.

Years ago the those wannabe geniuses cut off their noses to spite their looter faces, when they legislated that anyone below a certain income bracket would not pay any federal taxes, and faced with today's rapidly dwindling popularity of their gestapo tax collectors, the IRS, the government vampires need another way to suck more blood from the already-too-anemic tax-paying body.

The leeches' solution?  Raise the minimum wage. But who winds up paying for all that in the long run? 

Add yourself to the menu. You're the main course.

Vanguard of Freedom

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