Monday, July 28, 2014

"...No products, no travel, a total boycott … [of Mexico] ... then maybe a dialogue will start...”

"...No products, no travel, a total boycott … [of Mexico] ... then maybe a dialogue will start...”

Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. Photo Credit, Facebook:
The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization is calling for a nationwide boycott of Mexican products and travel until Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is released from a Mexican jail.

In a media dispatch on Friday VFW National Commander, William A. Thien said, "...This combat Marine has been languishing away since he was arrested March 31 for allegedly crossing the border accidentally with three personal firearms that were legally registered in the States but not in Mexico...It was a mistake, but so is the Mexican government’s reluctance to release him unharmed back to the U.S...”

The VFW statement says it wants to apply economic pressure to the Mexican government because Tahmooressi's arrest and captivity is mirroring that of former Marine Jon Hammer, who was arrested for carrying an antique shotgun across the border in August 2012, despite having proper American paperwork, and who was not released before being held for four months in a Mexican jail.

"...the VFW tried the politically polite route by twice asking President Obama to contact Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, but a phone call specifically about the Marine sergeant never took place. Now that Tahmooressi is approaching his third full month in jail, the VFW national commander said it's time to take the gloves off..." the statement said.

Last friday, Fox News' Greta Van Susteren went "Off the Record" about Mexico's incarceration of Tahmooressi:
"...What's up with President Obama? He seems indifferent to Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, still sitting in a Mexican prison...And don't tell me President Obama is busy and doesn't know about him. He knows about him. Here's what his press secretary said when asked about our Marine held in Mexico...'Certainly the president is concerned about all detainees, or Americans who are being held against their will in other countries.'...And while I don't think President Obama can big-foot Mexico to just release him, he can cut deals. He can get Mexico to fast-track his case. Now, he spoke to the president of Mexico on June 19th, never mentioned Sergeant Tahmooressi. That did seem cold. But I hoped that it was just an oversight. That can happen. But then it happened again. We broke the news last night, President Obama again talking to president of Mexico, just yesterday and according to the White House's own notes from that call, no mention of Sergeant Tahmooressi. I don't get it. Now viewers have emailed me claimed the president has such distain for Fox News, they wouldn't do anything we report about. In other words, if Fox urges this administration to help this Marine, it won't happen. Now, I have no idea if the viewers are remotely right. If they are, that's really cold. But I just want our Marine out. And I don't care who helps or why. I just want him out..."

Van Susteren has been coveriing the Tahmooressi story diligently since coverage began nearly three months ago.

"This is about politics, and if my government won’t do anything, then I guess we need to let the power of the purse take over. No products, no travel, a total boycott … then maybe a dialogue will start," VFW Commander Thien said.

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