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What we know:

Obama is perpetuating with his policies on illegal immigration, the creation and maintenance of an underclass, a culture that that is subject to exploitation, economically and politically . Illegal Immigrants, trafficked by cartels are being sold as indentured servants to the Obama Administration in exchange for billions of dollars for the political and commercial benefit of Socialist Democrats and Republicans.

This is "human trafficking" at its worst, and amounts to nothing less than a slave trade.

Obama and Co. are paying organized crime for cheap labor and cheap votes.  He wants $2 billion of your tax money (or I.O.U.'s to the fed or the Chinese, which amounts to $2 billion of your future tax dollars), in order to reward the countries-of-origin's government/traffickers for causing the exodus from those countries and the transport and delivery of the illegal aliens.

The politicos of the "countries of origin" get paid in two additional ways.  When the money that the illegal aliens make in wages here is sent back to the the country of origin, it "helps" those economies.  Our "foreign aid" also becomes bribes to perpetuate the circle of crime and corruption, to fund, if not another wave of illegal immigrants, certainly a continual flow of them to this country.

This is not without precedent.  The United Kingdom has for decades been under an invasion of illegal immigrants.  Europe has also been subject to a similar invasion, as has been Australia.

It is a lucrative business, this slave trade.  It is a sugar-coated crime cake baked by ruthless sociopaths, who also pick from the lot, victims for the sex-slave trade, and in some cases the "slaves"  are used as "mules," to carry and deliver drugs.

In the past the slave trade was the craft of pirates and smugglers.  It still is, but now, governments are in partnership and in collusion with the cartels.

The Socialist Cult, the Democrats and the Liberal Republicans, are willing partners here in the U.S., when they take campaign donations and favors from the criminal cartels. 

But you already know all this don't you?

Conservatives have been trumpeting about this invasion for a decade or more.

Michelle Malkin authored a book titled exactly that: INVASION.  Here's an excerpt of a 2002 review of her book by Mark Krikorian, then Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies:

"... she lays out the rogues' gallery of groups responsible for our inept immigration system: politicians pandering to Hispanic voters by promoting illegal-alien amnesties; ethnic pressure-groups trying to get drivers licenses for illegal aliens; local governments declaring themselves sanctuaries for illegals; universities seeking ever more foreign students, even if they're in the country illegally, and resisting any measures to track such students; the American Immigration Lawyers Association, "a powerful lobbying network against all major immigration reforms during the past four decades"; and, perhaps worst of all, the corporate rope sellers, like the travel and tourism industries (which seek to speed foreigners into the U.S. at any cost), or banks eagerly seeking the deposits of illegal aliens, or employers of cheap immigrant labor, or border-town chambers of commerce.

Malkin's discussion of these "profiteers" suggests a topic for her next book -- a more in-depth examination of the individuals, organizations, and industries pushing for weak immigration controls. In Invasion, she outs the corporate miscreants and their libertarian fellow-travelers - but we also need to know more about the leftists, the people who love immigration because they hate America. This information would be especially important for those conservatives who, like the president himself, have been duped with fairy tales about shifts in the Hispanic vote toward the GOP. This hoax is actually being peddled by those on the Left who realize that mass immigration is, in truth, an enormous boon to the Democratic party. I think Malkin would do a great job digging into the background of open-border activists like Jeanne Butterfield; it's already known that before becoming executive director of the abovementioned American Immigration Lawyers Association, Butterfield was director of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, a Marxist group linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine..."

Yes, that was 2002

No one has mega-phoned the crisis of illegal immigration and its impact on the U.S. more than Conservative radio personality, Michael Savage, whose theme has been consistent for decades as: "Borders, Language, Culture." 

For years the Socialist Cult has attempted to marginalize and to discount, defame, denigrate and discredit anyone who was warning Americans, not about the false, imminent illegal immigrant humanitarian issue, but of a current, continual, and massive flow of illegal aliens across our borders into the U.S.

Today's catastrophic  "humanitarian" crisis is but a desperate effort by the Socialist Cult's primary proponent, the Obama administration, which has already gone under for the third time, and is drowning in the murky waters of a multitude of scandals.  The desperate dolts perceive this as an "opportunity" to save themselves with a distraction that takes News air-time and print space away from the already scant reporting of the scandals by their propagandist media, and have seized this as an issue to position Conservatives negatively.

The apparent "rescuers" of the poor illegal immigrant victim "children," have gambled that they are going to be viewed as knights in shining armor riding to the rescue of millions of refugees.

Actually the Socialist/Liberal Democrats and Republicans are inadvertantly promoting the message that the illegal immigrants are for sale to the highest bidder. 

Conservatives can and should counter them with the message that immigrants have been duped today and have been always, lured here under false pretenses with the aim of being sold commercially as cheap labor, cheap union lackeys, and and politically as cheap votes; that illegal aliens  are considered by the Socialists HERE, as they are considered by the Socialists, from whence they came: as political and economic slaves.

What good would this message do for Conservatives?

Illegal aliens are not being held, or quartered by Obama's immigration officials.  They are being released on the "honor" system, being asked to return for a future hearing that will determine their status.  We all know they will not show up for those hearings.  They are under no urgency nor fear of penalty to do so.  And so we have an "illegal class" of people waiting for the day when an amnesty will be declared, so that they can "emerge from the shadows."

We all know there are no "shadows" from which they are to emerge.  Obama has promised to "amnestize" them with the stroke of a pen.

It is therefore imperative that the message reach them that they have been duped.  This is not so much to affect the illegal aliens, as it is to penalize the Socialist cultists, who have perpetrated a hoax to undermine productive citizens, already being taxed beyond their means, and who are now being forced to finance the ruse of amnesty by their political opponents.

The message to "Democrats' and Liberal Republicans' " constituents (voters) must also be that they are in collusion with human trafficking and the slave trade.

Conservatives must not agree to be labeled racist, must in turn identify Democrats and Liberal Republicans as the enslavers, and therefore, as the racists that they are, and Conservatives must deliver this message with determined diligence.

Since the Socialists will have a vote-ready constituency that they will attempt to bribe with an array of benefits, the least one can do is to create a doubt in the minds of those "amnestized" about being willing participants in their own enslavement.

Perhaps some, if not all, will then turn on their slave-masters.  There have always been those that prefer the security of their chains to the contest of Liberty, but most slaves will opt for Freedom.

Only a determined attack against the Socialists will stop their plotting and deceit  and their efforts to "transform" America with illegal aliens:  After their ruse is exposed and the illegal immigrants turn against them when the truth is revealed.

It is apparent, if not obvious, that the Socialists are attempting to make this one of the main issues for the 2014 and 2016 elections. It will cease to be an issue when the issue is snatched from their claws.

Like the Bergdahl / Terrorist trade issue, the "immigrant" issue must create a backlash so unsavory to the Socialists that they will drop it like a hot potato.

It's up to us to turn up the heat.

Backlash beginning:  Click HERE...

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