Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is It Already Too Late?

Obama Campaign Poster Effort from Obey Giant
Obama Campaign Poster Effort from Obey Giant (Photo credit: Anthony Baker)
I realize that most readers here know this, or have heard it, or thought about it, but in needs to be said again.

A pattern might be observed in the following:

  • It is apparent that Obama armed "rebels" in Libya to oust Muammar Gadaffi, and that some of those rebels were affiliated with al-Qaeda.
  • The alleged "rebels" in Syria are also being provided "arms" by Obama, and they too are affiliated with al-Qaeda.
  • The five "Talibanos" just recently traded for alleged U.S. soldier defector Bowe Bergdahl have ties to al-Qaeda.
  • Obama initially refused to help Iraq thwart an al-Qaeda invasion of major cities, now threatening to take over Bahgdad, the effect of which, is that al-Qaeda is helped by U.S. non-involvement.  (Note:  I am not advocating U.S. involvement. I am simply noting that there is no opposition to the al-Qaeda invasion of Iraq.)

The President is being portrayed, as he has been regarding the "crisis" in Ukraine, as a weak head of state, and as incompetent.  Unfortunately this positioning does not explain the constant and continual diplomatic and foreign policy fiascos.

A more accurate scenario appears to be that the apparent Obama "flubs" and "shortcomings" are not flubs and shortcomings, (when viewed by Obamistas)  but deliberate policies and the deliberate results of a deliberate agenda.

"But, to what end(s)?" one might ask.

The answer is that the ends are the results that have occurred.  While WE see these as incompetent blunders, Obama & Co. consider those results as the success of the deliberate execution of a specific agenda.

While we are subjected by Obama publicists and propagandists apparently "spinning" what we view as failed policies, Obamistas continue to delight in their efforts and results, and continue their agenda.

The recent massive influx of illegal alien children into the U.S. via Mexico and Texas is hailed as a failure of Obama's immigration policies, specifically his refusal to uphold the laws of the nation, refusing to secure our borders and refusing to enforce immigration law and deportation procedures.
However the Obama administration attempts to spin it, the results as WE see them are a political and humanitarian catastrophe.  Obamistas view this as "mission accomplished."

I do not suspect any Obamista privately declaring, "OMG, we really messed up this time!"  Quite the contrary, they probably see the massive influx of illegal immigrants into this country as the successful implementation of Obama's policies, effecting exactly the results which were intended.

The assignment of "weakness" or "incompetence" as a diagnosis for "results" or lack of them, only prolongs the torturous series of events, which appear to be flub after failure, after flub, ad infinitum.  This also lulls the nation's conscience into complacency, into a tolerant mode waiting for the Obamista regime to expire at the end of the Presidential term

When the reality is confronted that the agenda is deliberate and by design by many more than now view current events developing as they are, only then will the horror and magnitude unfolding in our nation impact the collective consciousness of "We the People" and catalyze individuals and groups to act to reverse the current course.

But is it already too late?

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