Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The White House Benghazi terror attack talking points scandal continues to unravel, with the latest bombshell from White House spokesman and Whirling Dervish*   Jay Carney, once again dancing around the allegations.

His response to the smoking-gun emails that expose the administration's contention that the Benghazi consulate attacks of 9/11 2012 were due to an anti-Islam video are blatantly false was this:

"...“If you look at the document, that document we’re talking about today was talking about the overall environment in the Muslim world..."  Carney insisted today in a briefing to the Press, as reported by Gretchen Carlson on Fox News.  Carney contends now that the email is actually about protests outside embassies in Egypt, Yemen and other countries. See that report HERE.... 

The "smoking-gun" email that indicts the Obama administration was obtained by the government watch dog, Judicial Watch, after they filed a Freedom of Information Act law suit to obtain government documents relating to the Benghazi attacks. Read More @ PAN blog HERE...

Among the documents were emails that show correspondence between administration officials specifically addressing the talking points to show that the attacks were due to the anti-Islam video and not because of Obama administration policy failures. (See that report HERE).

Carney essentially laid the blame at the door of then Ambassador Susan Rice, stating that Rice was expected to use a different memo, ostensibly from the CIA to address the attacks on the Benghazi consulate.

According to Carney, the email that has just come to light, was actually a briefing about how to respond publicly to the protests in Cairo, Sanaa, and other Muslim areas that were erupting in 9/11 2012.

Until today, the Obama administration has not maintained that there were different memos or different talking points to address the different areas of Muslim upheaval during that time.

In fact, Ambassador Rice repeatedly said on five separate Sunday talk shows on the weekend after the attacks that the attacks in Benghazi were a spontaneous, not-premeditated response to events emerging from Cairo. Both Obama and Secretary of State Clinton repeatedly invoked the video as the cause of the attacks in later appearances.

Carlson pointed out in an interview on her show this afternoorn with Fox News' Bret Baier, that the request for documents from Judicial Watch had been for documents relating to Benghazi, and not for documents from other areas. Those Benghazi documents contained the newly disclosed email.

The email disclosure has prompted a heavy response.

Conservative Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News' Special report that it was "...a classic cover-up of a cover-up...”  [See that HERE] 

Representative Trey Gowdy lamented that it is a private group that obtained that email, and Congress has not been able to acquire such evidence.  See that video HERE... 

Representative Jason Chaffetz also weighed in heavily about the emails:  See that report HERE...

A day after the release of the documents by Judicial Watch, only CBS had covered this item, with NBC and ABC silent on the matter.  See that report HERE. 

This new development displays the Obama administration not only with the hand in the proverbial cookie jar, but with the cookies in hand, and a Congress unable to hold anyone accountable for the deaths at four Americans, and useless as far as obtaining evidence of the cover-up, and of taking action to penalize the Obama administration for policies that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, and the cover-up of that tragedy and their hand in it.

NEXT:  The Benghazi Murders would not have occurred if the Obama Administration had not "circumvented" or BYPASSED Congress to advance their agenda.  Stay tuned.

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