Friday, January 24, 2014

Obama's "Victim" Game

You heard it again this week.  Obama's bad showing in the polls is due to Fox News.  He says some people don't like him because he's black.

The impulse for his opponents is to call him out about this. They go on the defensive and publish long explanations about how they are not racist.

Extensive panel discussions clog the airwaves to debate just how fair and balanced Fox News is.

And probably the President laughs all the way to the White House.

The President's clever, covert little ploy is an old tactic used by politicians since time immemorial. It is a version of the Karpman Triangle. *

It is a means to quiet or remove discourse, debate and criticism by playing the victim, and prompting opponents and critics to withdraw, withhold, and be silenced.

Obama no more believes that his unpopularity is Fox News' fault, than he believes in the man in the moon.

He is no more a victim of racism than Stalin was a victim of Socialism, and he knows it.

Obama has an agenda, and he's sticking to it, and he's using every clever propaganda technique at his disposal to do so.

The Victim game requires three players: The "persecutor," the "rescuer," and the "victim." The player invites you to play "Victim" by assuming the role of one who is persecuted, and those that are sucked into the game assume, either the "rescuer" role (his cronies), or the "persecutor" role, his opposition.

The "persecutors" go off to argue how they are not guilty of persecuting him, go on the defensive, and spend time, money, and effort to convince one and all that they are not persecuting him.  The rescuers... well, they are there to rescue and defend him.

To the extent that the game affects "the players," they can get "stuck" in the game; that is, a persecutor can get stuck in the role of persecutor, and spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to extract himself from the role.  Similarly a person can be compelled to be a rescuer and get stuck in that role also.  This is only a brief explanation of this "game" as it applies to its use in propaganda/psy-ops and methods to manipulate public opinion and the efforts of political adversaries.

How do you not fall prey to this "game?"

1.  Stay out of the game.

2.  Spot the Persecutor, Rescuer, Victim roles, and don't succumb to the temptation of assuming any of the "roles."

3.  Refuse to get into the distractions of the PRV game, and stay on point:  Your Point.

4.  The point of the "the game" is to avoid responsibility and accountability, so:  Continue to be relentless in assigning responsibility and accountability.

5.  At all times do not back off; do not be the "victim" of government targeting, Obama administration repression. Exercise your freedoms, your First Amendment rights.  Do not be silenced.

Vanguard of Freedom

*Karpman Triangle - Game reference and description...

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