Monday, November 25, 2013

They're Already Holding Your Kids As Hostages, Remember?

To the Point...

Those that have control over the money that you provide as taxes, in order to stay in control of that booty, must keep you in a constant state of subtle, intense, terror, and this week is no exception.

The latest and greatest of their exploits is this week's pretended wheeling and dealing in the Middle East to "prevent" Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

Are you panicking yet?  Do you have visions of a terrorist-sponsoring state acquiring nuclear capability?  Are you quietly in denial about Israel "having to fend for themselves," against the threat of annihilation?

Surely you are taking note.

This bitterly cold Monday we find again another teeter-tottering Life and Death emergency in the Middle East, conveniently transferring your attention from the hands of flim-flams, which have a firm grip on the money in your wallets, to the problem "over there."

Hey.  It worked with that Syrian "crisis," remember?  We came to the brink of war with the Russians and the Chinese.  Oh what an emergency that was: Weapons of Mass Destruction, remember?  Babies gassed by terrorist dictators.

What's the emergency today? Iran getting hold of a nuclear weapon?

Last I heard, you could go to the Library for the spec's on how to build one.

So what's the big "to do" today?

If you guessed that its the cloaking of the grubby little socialist fingers on your hard earned money, you are absolutely right.

The attention is now off the Socialst Health Scare Scam and the headlines on DRUDGE today are about Hollywood animal abuse.

"Movies, TV Awash in Hidden Animal Ause."

I had to check to see if it was April 1st, or if this Monday had been declared Satire and Spoof day, this late November morn.

Nope.  Apparently the marching orders for you nice folks that provide the wherewithal for fancy political banquets for portruding pinkies is to panic about a far-out, far-east fiasco, and the torture and death of helpless animals.

Yes, ye racist, ignorant, Bible thumping, gun-toting, gay-phobic, morons must quit your endless, needless, harping about how your money is being spent on a Health Scare Scam, and get back to being terrorized by your whip cracking government and their liberal lackeys.

Oh, and by the way, an election is coming up soon.  Send more money or they'll terrorize you even more.  They already hold your kids as hostages, remember?

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