Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Brass Tacks of the ObamaDrone Health Care Web Site Fiasco:

Drudge is referencing a news story saying that Obama is "drafting" the best and the brightest to "fix" the Socialist Health Care web site.

For those of you who think it's a big problem, let me tell YOU how it can be fixed.  It is probably a huge problem for the ObamaDrones, but for entrepreneurial techies (not the parasitical government contractor-political cronies on the dole)  it is a matter of doing a professional job with professional standards.

In a nut-shell:

Step One: Set up an account(s) similar to NING or any of the other social "hosting" web sites. These sites come with a "log in" and can be programmed to go to ANOTHER sign-in if the first one is busy.

Step two: Set up as many of these accounts as you deem necessary to be able to handle the traffic.

Step three: Have a central "log in" page that "routes" people to another "central log in page," if that page is "busy," or "overloaded."

Step Four: Set up the individual sign up accounts with a step by step "personal info" or "profile" section with all the initial basic contact data needed.  Note:  JUST THE BASIC CONTACT DATA.

Step Five: After you have people give you the personal profile data... THEN you have your STAFF, ADMIN, or whatever you want to call them, contact them to do a follow up... you can even include a preference on how the "client" wishes to be contacted, i.e., phone, email, etc.

Step Six: Follow it up. You now have the person's intial personal data, i.e., address, phone, email, work phone, cell phone etc...

Presto! Done.

People sign up for social groups at a great many social networking sites on a regular basis. There is nothing complicated about it.

If it is too difficult for the Obamadrones, they can always set up accounts ten, fifteen, twenty at a time. With staff working round the clock, it may take weeks, but the sign-ups would be done.

Everything else would be "follow up" procedure.

An alternative method would be a sign up by phone, also with round-the- clock staff, then once they have the initial contact data, the data can be passed to account managers to do follow up contacting.

If the ObamaDrones could not set-up the phone sign-up system, there are a number of companies in central Texas that have ample experience contracting with companies to handle their customer service lines.

By the way, there are a number of web sites / organizations (Conservative and/or Libertarian) that have technical personnel that would be able to set up the hosting sites, specifically: Liberty News Network, FreedomWorks, Patriot Action Network ( to name a few).

This is not hard to grasp and it is not hard to do. The "system" failed, because it is not about signing people up for health care, it is about government control of your lives. It is about CRONY Socialism, political favors and favorites, and about wasting valuable money and resources to bankrupt the nation, while padding the accounts of politicos and their masters.

Please note: I am not advocating that the ObamaDrone Health Care System should succeed.  I am stating that the "difficulty" the are allegely having is a ruse, a distraction, to keep attention away from something else.

Care to venture what THAT is?

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