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Tea Party: Alive And Well... And being blamed...

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Obamacare, may be the "law of the land," but that does not mean that the House of Representatives is bound to fund it.

Democrats have found new meaning in "laws of the land," now that the socialist wish-list fruit has ripened on their vine, and they are eager for a quick harvest.

But when it comes to enforcing the "law of the land" on immigration, for example, Obamadrones selectively pick and choose what they want to enforce and what they do not.

This is especially noticeable in the ObamaCare law. The law as written is not being followed by the Socialist President, who has unilaterally chosen to amend the law without congressional (and therefore Constitutional) approval, instead opting to issue "waivers" and exceptions to cronies and political allies, in clear violation of Constitutionally mandated procedure.

Yet there has been no move to censure the President with regard to such dictatorial excesses, until perhaps now.

There is hope, in that a branch of Congress, the House, without which any program (i.e., law) cannot be funded, is there to withhold the funding of any program, such as ObamaCare, which has been surreptitiously enacted via the legislature, or issued as Presidential edict. 

ObamaDrones have much touted the fact that they won the last Presidential election, and clamor that therefore ObamaCare is mandated by voters to be implemented.

However, they overlook that a more directly elected body of government, the House of Representatives, won with a Republican Majority, and that body, by Constitutional mandate, happens to have a firm grip on the strings of "The People's" purse.

ObamaDrones appear to have selectively overlooked that "check and balance."

So complete is their blind-spot, that they not only deny the House has the "Power of the Purse," they vehemently blame Tea Party Republicans and Conservatives for saying "no" to their foot-stomping insistence of carte-blanche for ObamaCare and the debt limit. The tantrum-throwing ObamaDrones apparently forgot somehow that they declared the Tea Party dead months ago, and they have exhumed and resurrected it, just so they would have someone to blame, and thus to target and attack.

Unfortunately we hear today that the de-facto stalwart head of the fiscally conscious resistance movement, Ted Cruz, appears to have relented, at least somewhat, in his stance to hold ObamaDrones' feet to the fiscal fire.

Breitbart's Mike Flynn reported today that Ted Cruz said, there was no benefit to delay the timing of the debt-ceiling vote: Check that out HERE....

And yet Freedomworks today was denouncing the McConnell-Reid "Sellout Bargain, in response to McConnell and Reid's proposal to "...raise the debt ceiling, temporarily fund the government until January 15th, and go to conference on the budget at a later date..."

President of FreedomWorks, Matt Kibbe issued a statement saying:

"...Republican leadership has completely lost its way. Not only is this proposal a full surrender- it’s a complete surrender with presents for the Democrats. Apparently Mitch McConnell’s idea of a ‘compromise’ is to increase the debt limit, fully fund a broken health care law, and promise talks of increasing spending down the road..."

Kibbe said, "...This bipartisan betrayal is the TARP Wall Street bailout all over again. The line separating the Democrats and the Republican establishment is fading- it might have disappeared today. This is about Washington insiders versus the rest of America now."

The statement said FreedomWorks is issuing a Key Vote "NO" against the McConnel-Reid capitulation plan, "which will be scored on its 2013 economic scorecard..."

Apparently the Tea Party is not only alive and well, it is throwing the hard punches against the Republican and Democrat ObamaDrone entitlement bullies.

How do you think they will fare in this battle?

Vanguard of Freedom

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