Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When The Race Card Isn't Enough To Distract From Scandals... Start A War...

Obama waves to troops in Pentagon
Obama waves to troops in Pentagon (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)
Stop the presses!  Sound the alarms!  Call out the Fleet!  Fire the Tomahawk Missiles!

There's an emergency in the Middle East:  Syrian civilians were gassed by their own government and we must intervene!

Bomb Assad!  Or is it Saddam?  No wait.  Those are Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, aren't they?  They must be; And if not, where did Assad get them?

You mean, he's had weapons of mass destruction all this time and we didn't invade Syria before this?  Horrors!

But wait.  Was it really Assad that gassed those people?  Or was it the rebels?  These rebels?  Those rebels?

No, It was Assad.  Because Hanoi John told us so.  But beware.  He was once "For a War,"  (Iraq) and then he changed his mind, when it was politically convenient; then he was against it. So, the question then becomes, how do we know it's not going to be convenient to change his mind this time?

Oh that's right:  This time George Bush is not the President. This time Obama is. Or is he?

Well, Secretary of State, Hanoi John, certainly knows what our interests are in the Middle East, doesn't he?

And the big issues today are:  To Bomb or not to Bomb ...  To invade or not to invade.  To slap or to spank?  To appear mucho-macho Presidential?

How about creating a crisis and then not wasting the opportunity it presents?

Mind you, this regional skirmish can net billions of dollars in higher gas prices, so, remind me, whose benefit is this crisis being conjured for?

Oh, I see.  You don't sell oil, you buy gasoline.  ok.

Well, I digress.

Let's not forget at any time, that there are only so many seconds and minutes that can be devoted to a news story. There are only so many "column" inches of type that can be typed in a news story, so something has to take a back seat to the "emergency" headliners.

What significant news stories, pray tell, could we sacrifice, so that we could scare the pants off our audiences enough to keep them on the edges of their seats for the next juicy morsel of imminent war with Syria?

How about that racist race-war advocate at the Department of Homeland Security, eh? That one could use a mention at the bottom of page 136; maybe even in the classified ads section. He was, after all, laid off with full pay, while he is being "investigated."

No, how about the Benghazi murders?  The Eric Holder Fast and Furious Mexican Killing Spree?  That one is "old" news, isn't it?  The Seal Team Six murders?  The NSA Leaks Hoax?  The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal?  The IRS American Legion Targeting Scandal?  The fudging the stats on the Unemployment figures scandal?  The nullifying the Constitution Scandal?

And by the way: Don't think the Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME)  is not going to get in line and goose step into Syria with Chief Barracko.

Hey, they could kill, not just two birds with one big stoned crisis, but an entire flock of scandals with the rumor of war.  Hell, it worked for George Bush, and when it comes to workable policies, well, shoot, the Obamistas are not proud, as long as it takes the heat off Generalissimo Barracko Bomber...

Fire away at Syria, Senor Presidente!

Because, when the race card isn't enough to distract from the mega-scandals of your administration, by golly, you can start a war.

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