Friday, August 30, 2013

The Obvious Contradictions of "The U.S.- Syrian War"

To the Points:
  • The Obama Administration asserts that they must "punish" Syrian dictator, Assad, for allegedly using chemical weapons against his own people, i.e., the rebel uprising in his country.
  • Subsequent to this, in defense of Assad and his Syrian regime, Russia and China (principally Russia) rattle their sabers and warn of consequences against the U.S. if the U.S. attacks Syria.
  • After the Saber rattling, the British, who could not muster constituent support for an attack on Sryia, back out of the "alliance."
From this it should be obvious, then that:
  • Russia and China are protecting Assad from an Obama attack on Syria.  
  • Although there might be work being done on "back-channels" there is no outward, overt PR or propaganda campaign against Russia and China protecting an "evil" mass murderer, Assad.
  • None.
Is there no one in the Obama PR machine, the masters of advertising and internet whiz-boom-bang marketing propaganda with the panatlones to take on the "protectors and coddlers" of an alleged mass murderer?

Why, pray tell, might that be?

Today it is alleged that Syrian rebels were caught with Sarin gas.... Could it be that Assad did not actually gas the rebels, and that Obama was "set up" (or allowed himself to be set-up) to help rebels he supports in the Syrian civil war?

And is this whole scenario just more Obama thundering clap-trap to distract from a massive barrage of endless scandals that can only be removed from t.v. screens and computer monitors by the threat of impending war?

It's is way too easy to say that Russian and China, and Iran, for that matter, are coddling "mass-murderer/WMD user, Assad, to NOT use that argument in defense or offense against those who support Assad.

If Assad did gas his own people, and Russia and China are protecting Assad, does that not make Russia and China complicit?  Again, it is too easy to NOT accuse them of such.  So why not do it?

Would that not at the very least be a massive PR coup for the Obamistas?

AND... the Obamistas could then focus on getting Russia and China to "reel-in" and get their boy, Assad, to "be more humane," or since he obviously gassed his own people, get him out of Dodge and put an end to the civil war?  So why is this not being done openly in the battlefield of propaganda?

Is this more Obamista "diplomatic" ineptitude, or is there something else afoot here?

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