Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Where did "the scandals" go?...

It's all Zimmerman now.  Did you take the bait?

A preview of the wall to wall coverage of the Obamista manufactured race war to occlude the barrage of scandals plaguing the O'socialist President was the week-end of the Asiana Airlines crash.

That week-end it was endless coverage of the crash.  Gone were the ever-prominent mega-scandals, including Benghazi, IRS/Tea Party, Obama snooping on Journalists, The assassination of Seal Team Six Ops in Afghanistan, etc.

The spicy mix of big government abuses, civil rights violations, and power grabs sometimes causes the inevitable head-turning, involuntary belch.

And what a series of burps it was.

Now those government regurgitations  are being covered as mere hiccups, compared to the race-riot-baiting news stories occurring today.

In fact, here's Jonathan Chait saying that those were actually non-scandals.

You see, you're just a White supremacist upset about a Black President. That's all. There are no bodies to see here.

Don't expect the scandals to get back on the front page anytime soon.  The elections are coming up, and if you don't have the Obamistas splitting the Hispanic, White, and Black vote, Conservatives might just win the Senate, come next election.  (Did you get that subtle mix:  "White-Hispanic-Black.").

If you need further prompting, check THIS out...

Drudge had one, maybe two headlines still left over from the scandals today.

The scandals are gone unless you put them back.

Perhaps the question is not: "where did the scandals go?" but "Where are YOU?"

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