Monday, June 24, 2013

Rand Paul Wants Drone Answers From FBI

We found out, when he testified before Congress (about something he DID know about), that FBI Director Robert Mueller said the FBI was using drones to spy on Americans.  And if you remember he said that there were no parameters, or as he put it, "operational guidelines," and so left us wondering if the FBI can just spy on everyone because of that lack of operational guide lines.

We have, of course, a person as the head of the FBI, who cannot expand his awareness enough to use the Constitution as his guide, his meter, his compass.  He needs "operational guidelines," and if he doesn't have them, well, that's just too bad for us, isn't it?

It's not enough for Rand Paul, however, and he is asking some very pointed questions of the Director.  He wrote the Director a letter, and this is what it said:

  • 1)      How long has the FBI been using drones without stated privacy protections or operational guidelines?
  • 2)      Why is the FBI only now beginning to develop guidelines for the use of drone surveillance?
  • 3)      Is the FBI working in consultation with Congress in developing operational guidelines for drone surveillance?
  • 4)      What measures do you intend to adopt to protect Fourth Amendment and privacy rights?
  • 5)      Will the FBI make publicly available all rules, procedures and operational guidelines for drone use? 
  • 6)      Given that they have already been used, what has the FBI done with information already collected by drones?  What are the rules governing storage of information collected via drone?
  • 7)      In what circumstances would the FBI elect to use drone surveillance? Does this surveillance require a warrant?
  • 8)      How many drones does the FBI possess? Is the FBI seeking to expand its inventory of drones?
  • 9)      Are these drones armed? Do they have the capacity to be armed? If so, what guidelines will be put in place regarding the arming of drones and the use of armed drones?
  • 10)  Is there ever a scenario you can envision where the FBI would seek to arm its drones?
  • 11)  Does the FBI currently prohibit federal grant funds under its jurisdiction from being used by recipients to purchase drones?

Mind you, Rand is asking these questions of the man who did not know who was investigating the Tea Party IRS abuses, and who didn't know much of anything about anything... or so he said.

So don't hold your breath.

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