Monday, June 17, 2013

IMMIGRATION DEFORM: The Perversion Of The American Dream


A Primer For Conservatives:

The current Immigration Reform Bill, whether it contains "amnesty" or not, is maliciously condescending to Hispanics, Illegal Immigrants, and other minorities, and is outright racist policy.

To Americans of Hispanic heritage, it says: We will legalize or provide amnesty to illegal immigrants in return for your vote.  In other words, you can be bought for a price.  You are for sale.

What does it say about the Hispanic political brokers, who are willing to sell out their compatriots for political gain?

The granting of amnesty or legalization of illegal immigrants will create an underclass, a culture that will be subject to exploitation, economically and politically.  This is nothing short of racism, as that "class" or "culture" will be majorly Hispanic.


1.   The proposed Immigration Bill is at the very least an extension of human trafficking.  Who do you think is benefiting at this moment by bringing a multitude of illegal immigrants into the country?   "Organized crime," and many illegal immigrants are being brought into the U.S. with a bit of extra cargo, i.e., illicit drugs.

2. This illegal human trafficking amounts to nothing less than a slave trade.

3.  The "End Point" or the "Destination" or "completed mission" of human smugglers is the delivery of the "product" to its customer.

4.  The "customer," the one who consumes the product of the smuggler, is the employer, who gets cheap labor, or the political entity that stands to benefit from the "immigrant's" VOTE.

The raw, unabashed reality, is that those supporting the Immigration Reform Bill or any form of amnesty are in effect paying organized crime for cheap labor and cheap votes.  This action is exploitative and it is racist.

You already know (or should know), that the Mexican government, and probably all the other governments that "send" illegal immigrants to this country, (regardless of whether the excuse is that they are coming here to escape poverty, persecution, or whatever), benefits from the illegal human trafficking, when the illegal immigrant begins to send the money they earn here in the U.S., back to Mexico (or their home countries).

This is, in effect, the prostitution or "pimping out" of nations' whole segments of their population for financial or economic or political gain.

The politicos of the "countries of origin" get paid two ways.  When the money from the illegal immigrants reaches the country of origin, it "helps" their economies, and the bribes that are paid to government officials 'help" those scoundrels to perpetuate the circle of crime and corruption.

Note:  Such a massive exodus of people from say, Mexico, is evidence that their condition in Mexico is so disastrous, that they have no choice but to leave there and come here.  If that is the case, then we do not merely have illegal immigration, we have economic/political refugees that are being exploited for money and political influence.

Unless conditions change so that their countries are able to support or at least contain illegal immigration, those countries will be an engine that will churn out human trafficking and exploitation perpetually, and as soon as a new crop of "immigrants" are legalized, a new wave will be on the way.

The current proposed immigration reform legislation does not address the source of human trafficking, and as long as "businessmen" or "employers" or "politicians"  accept illegal immigrants, whether they are accepted as an underclass, or as a group given amnesty, or a group legalized in any way, they are enabling the  criminal enterprise of human trafficking/slavery.   Rewarding this criminal enterprise will not result in any kind of solution, but will instead enable it to grow and expand.

This is unfortunately especially true today, since the current fad is to leave unprotected our borders, and to refuse to enforce border and immigration laws, and since there will be no provisions to close the borders, even if current illegal immigrants are granted legal status or granted amnesty.

The solution  is:

1.  To emphatically and decisively close and secure the border immediately.  It is important to note that the vested interests, who have paid off or blackmailed the politicos into submission will certainly retaliate, and so one should not only expect, but be ready for that retaliation and to have a clear and decisive response to that retaliation.

2.  To immediately begin to enforce the current laws:
a.  No more catch and release
b.  A clear and deliberate deportation program
c.  A "volunteer" deportation program; that is, a program in which the immigrant turns himself in and asks to be taken back to his home country.
d.  Issue and severely enforce strict penalties against employers for hiring illegal immigrants and close the opportunity for both employer and employee for "illegal immigrant" employment i.e., exploitation.
3.  Institute Foreign Policy that addresses the illegal immigration problem, and makes it internationally known that those that support illegal immigration are racist exploiters of economic and politically oppressed people.
a.  Make repatriation and re-settlement of illegal immigrants part of any foreign aid program.
b.  Make foreign aid, contingent on those governments discontinuing to support, overtly or covertly, human trafficking.
4.  Execute an energetic and loud campaign to position the illegal immigrant problem exactly for what it is:  Slavery.

5.  Reform LEGAL Immigration so that it will not be a lengthy bureaucratic nightmare for applicants.

6.  Issue  "The New American Emancipation Proclamation," and encourage Congress to pass legislation that, as it proclaims this, takes the necessary measures to ensure that the Liberation of the illegal immigrant class occurs, and that any such exploitation is wiped from the entire American landscape.

Conservatives should assume the role of emancipators.

The Liberals and Socialists who participate in perpetuating the corrupt, criminal enterprise of human trafficking by "purchasing" their fellow humans for political and economic gain should be condemned and prosecuted (either legally, and/or in the sphere of public opinion), and Conservatives should position their efforts as those who expose the racist exploitation of  illegal immigrants.

The U.S. diplomatic elements, who have to confront the countries of origin, must be purged of those who are in any way benefiting from the criminal enterprise, i.e., those who are involved with business and/or corporate interests that contribute political money to politicians and their government appointees, who are supporters of amnesty or legalization, or any other form of program that seeks to exploit illegal immigrants.

Therefore a grass-roots effort is implicit in undertaking a solution, and it takes the vetting and selecting of candidates who will not sell themselves to the highest bidder, and who are clear on this issue.

In the meantime, it is paramount that the proponents of any "immigration reform bill" be positioned as the racist, colonialist enslavers that they are.

If you think that you can foster or promote or support any other policy than this, then you have no business proclaiming that you are a defender of Freedom or an adherent of your Constitution, for no man or woman who is party to this form of slavery or racism can pretend to be a Free Man or Woman, because this form of slavery enslaves everyone, including those who stand by, let it occur, and allow it continue.

Conservatives must position themselves as the champions of Freedom.  Conservatives must position the opposition as racist exploiters of illegal immigrants, as enablers of illicit human trafficking and the slave trade.

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