Friday, May 17, 2013

This Rub You The Wrong Way?

If this is not an abuse of government power, I know not what is.

The utter disrespect of this President, making a sham of his nation and its staunch defenders of Freedom apparently knows no bounds at the White House.

Unfortunately Presidents are not required to have served in the military, but this display of utter arrogance might qualify as one of the symptoms of why that requirement should be in place.

But even those who have not served in the military, who have assumed the Presidency without that privilege, have had some leadership qualities, some understanding of what it means to be a leader.

And even if one had a contempt for the military, one would do so with some principle, at least, with the knowledge that those are not his personal servants.

But not this President.  There appears to be not a sliver of courage or leadership on those useless bones, and the space between portruding donkey-ears has been wasted as well.

I do not fault the marines, or the Corps for putting up with this disrespect, but I would certainly place responsibility and accountability with the one who pretends to be "Commander-In-Chief."  The Marines should be commended, for it is now evident that there are even harsher environments than the effects of battle that they are able to endure.

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