Thursday, May 16, 2013

History Repeats Itself: Richard Nixon / Barack Obama...

See for Yourself:

Barack Obama....

Richard Nixon...

The parallels are, if not remarkable, at the very least, curious...

On 20 September 2012, Congressman Darrel Issa, as reported by Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller, said:
"...Not since Richard Nixon have we seen a president who puts together an enemies list and has a whole team pursuing it...That’s what’s happened in this administration. It’s sad. It’s not the America I want to see going forward. I sincerely hope that after the election, regardless, the American people will have made a statement that they won’t tolerate this..."
Martha R. Gore wrote in The Examiner in August of 2009:
"...President Obama may have taken his efforts to discredit citizens protesting against ObamaCare a little too far...It is beginning to be reminiscent of the Richard Nixon administration's attempt to stifle dissent  by spying on American citizens. Thirty-five years ago, President Richard Nixon claimed constitutional authority to wiretap Americans' phone calls...It appears that Obama has violated the Privacy Act of 1974 which goes back to the days of the disgraced Nixon period when it used federal agencies to illegally investigate individuals for political purposes. The Act prohibits any federal agency from maintaining records on individuals exercising their right to free speech...Obama's administration has been under fire since it posted a blog that asked its supporters to e-mail any 'fishy' information about health care reform on the Web or received electronically to"
It has been noted by some that there are vast differences between the two administrations, principally that Richard Nixon was a Republican President and faced an antagonistic Liberal Media, while Barack Obama, has until now, faced an unprecedented friendly press, which runs cover for him, and which, some believe, is in collusion with the President in most political matters of late.

That is, until the Justice Department's Electronic Raid upon the Associated Press.

Suddenly a very offended Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME) appears to have turned on their man, and is finally asking the hard questions it should have been asking for the past seven years, or since Barack Obama began his campaign for the Presidency in 2006.

It is difficult to believe that the SLIME has changed its political stripes, apparently overnight.  How long that spat between political sweethearts will last is anyone's guess.

Perhaps it will only last until someone in the administration, possibly Attorney General Eric Holder, reminds the SLIME that any attack upon the Obamistas is due to racism, and that any group that does so is akin to the KKK.

Will it come to that?  When do you think that will be?

Or do you believe that the American Pravda/Ysvestia has suddenly turned a new leaf, and that we are now witnessing a renaissance of the Fourth Estate?

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