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Another Bread Crumb On The Trail Of Insanity...

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (June 13, 2010) — Afghan...
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We find out, on the week, after an Israeli attack upon a Syrian Chemical weapons plant, and a subsequent announcement by The Syrian President, Assad, calling that attack a declaration of war, that a wannabe  Afghan dictator that calls himself "President" admits to receiving bags of cash from the CIA.

He describes it as "petty cash." To wit:
"...The C.I.A. money, Mr. Karzai told reporters, was 'an easy source of petty cash,' and some of it was used to pay off members of the political elite, a group dominated by warlords..."
That's according to Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times, by the way.  His report is not in dispute here. Karzai has not only acknowledged the report, he has "explained" what the money was for.  As Rosenberg so succinctly reported:
"...On Saturday, Mr. Karzai sought to dampen the furor over the payments, describing them as one facet of the billions of dollars in aid Afghanistan receives each year. 'This is nothing unusual,' he said...He said the cash helped pay rent for various officials, treat wounded members of his presidential guard and even pay for scholarships. Mr. Karzai said that when he met with the C.I.A. station chief, 'I told him because of all these rumors in the media, please do not cut all this money, because we really need it...It has helped us a lot, it has solved lots of our problems,' he added..."
Alissa J. Rubin and Thom Shanker, also of the New York Times, reported in March, Afghan and American tense relations, manifested by Karzai's criticism of the U.S:
"...President Hamid Karzai leveled particularly harsh accusations against the United States on Sunday, suggesting that the Americans and the Taliban had a common goal in destabilizing his country. The comments cast a shadow on the first visit by Chuck Hagel as defense secretary..."
According to that report, Karzai accuses the U.S. of collaborating with the Taliban; that is, the U.S. favoring or supporting Taliban attacks, in order to justify a continued U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.
"...Among Mr. Karzai’s critical comments on Sunday, which came at an early-morning news conference in honor of women’s day in Afghanistan, he charged that the American government and the Taliban, while using different means, had in effect colluded to keep Afghanistan unstable to justify a continued American military presence...Amid the negotiations over a post-2014 American presence in Afghanistan, Mr. Karzai has been notably critical about what he sees as doomsaying reports by Western officials and advocacy groups about Afghanistan’s future. He described such reports as propaganda, promulgated through the Western news media and picked up by local Afghan news media, with the goal of undermining Afghan confidence and, by extension, faith in his government..."
But, of course, Rubin and Shanker report, Karzai is just kidding.  He's just trying to get on the Taliban's good side by criticizing the Americans:
"...Mr. Karzai’s comments were directed as much at Afghans as at the West; among them are his fellow Pashtuns, who have been in areas where foreign troops and night raids, which are widely disliked, have been commonplace. Most recently, he has also been trying to bring the Taliban to the table for a peace deal, said Mohammed Natiqi, a political analyst based in Kabul...'He has realized that Taliban will play an important role in the post-2014 Afghanistan,' Mr. Natiqi said. 'And by banning night raids, airstrikes and criticizing Americans and NATO forces, President Karzai is trying to win over the Taliban and other insurgent groups.'..."
That was in March.  In May Karzai is propitiating for continuing petty cash payments from the CIA.

Numerous adjectives exist to describe this phenomenon. "Despicable" comes to mind, but there are situations, which are just sometimes beyond mind boggling.  By themselves they venture beyond the absurd.  But this one, combined with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, O'SocialistCare, Scamnesty, SolyndraScam, EPAscam, O'DroneBlitz, O'Gunfiscate, and others, is quite beyond the boiling point.

If those bags of money are not filled with your tax dollars, for pay-off for those blowing to smithereens the limbs and lives of our most precious warriors, then whose currency is in them?  If that  is CIA drug money, that only makes it that much worse.

One of the purposes of terrorist propaganda is targeting your psyche, your mental faculties.  Because something is so absurd, so evil, one tends to want to look elsewhere. Some might have a tendency to relinquish parts of their well-being, their rights and freedoms, because acknowledging the truth admits to the existence of too severe an evil, and that evil is too great to fathom and to handle, and so a psychological chronic apathy ensues, one that "invents" something that makes sense.

It is a corollary of insanity, that if something is insane, it cannot be understood. It's insane; it does not make sense. Our minds are set up to make sense of anything and everything.  That's just the way the mind works.  Psychiatrists are always trying to make sense of insanity. People pay vast sums of money to them in hopes of some kind of explanation, for something they cannot make any sense of.

All you have to know about terrorism is that it is crazy.  The minute you try to make sense out of it you are doomed.

The antidote is, of course, don't try to make sense out of it. Follow the trail of insanity, until you get to the end of that trail, and at the end of that trail is your "psycho."

I think you have a pretty good sense of what trails of insanity there are, and to whom those trails lead.
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