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UFO's And Aliens

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UFO'S and Aliens
I just read THIS, and felt I had to respond...

Some years ago, a friend who helped with the distribution of a local weekly newspaper I published became obsessed with "having seen a U.F.O."  I don't doubt that what he saw was unidentified, but he just would not let it go.  What I saw was a bright flash, then the town lights and the lights of businesses in the area went out, then complete darkness.  The car lights were still on.

He thought it was the effect of an "alien" craft in the area.  I chose to believe it was an electric transformer blowing.  He continued to ponder alien visitors, and I listened, until one day, enough was enough, so I decided to take some action.

I told him to determine where he thought this alien craft had landed; then I told him to get his hunting rifles.  I picked him up at sunrise and we headed to the mountains.  "What to do you intend to do?" he asked.  I said we were going to hunt these aliens down, capture the alien craft, pilot it to the local air base, and go from there.  He seemed dumbfounded at this, but I persisted.

Once we were at the foothills of the mountain where "we" determined the craft had gone, we parked the car and proceeded toward the direction of the "aliens." I said very little, until finally he remarked. "You know, " he said, "I don't think this is a very good idea."  He kept reiterating this on and off, until I resolved that he had changed his mind about our little expedition, and as kindly as I could, I offered a few suggestions.

I basically told him that if he had really thought he had seen an alien space ship, Life as he had known  it up to that point would have changed completely, yet he had risen every morning, had breakfast, gone to work, etc.  In other words, although this idea persisted in his thoughts, he had not had a life changing experience, and this incident had not affected him sufficiently to change his life significantly.  I said, "You can't have it both ways.  Either you saw aliens and there are aliens, or there aren't, and there is a mystery you can't solve, and you have a theory, but you are not convinced enough to change your life."  He said he felt rather stupid wandering around in the mountains looking for a space ship, and I just acknowledged him.  I knew the area, and told him that at the very least it was a great day for a hike, and then we went home, and that was the end of the "alien" adventure.

Here's my take.  If I were to happen onto an alien or an alien space ship, (A UFO, if you will) my existence prior to that point would be over.  That would blow away any basis for existing in a reality that did not include alien life.  I would thereafter have to review my basic premises in Life, and I would have to adjust and change completely.

I did that once already, when I resolved fully to be "saved" as a Christian.  That was a profound change, and it happened to me at a very young age.  I won't go into the details of that, but I will say that I thereafter knew that I was an immortal soul, not a body, and Life changed completely after that.  It was a very personal thing, and other than my parents, who acknowledged it and reinforced it, and informed me that they too "knew," I did not share that with anyone. However, my life was forever changed.  Situations which I formerly thought would have required immense courage, became routine and somewhat insignificant.  Fear and terror still grabbed a hold of me occasionally in severe situations, but they did not determine my actions.

Thereafter I did not seek leadership or guidance, except in relation to God, and upon reflection, I have not needed advice on most things from Him, since, when one knows God, that seems to be for me an inner guiding compass.  It has brought unimaginable peace of mind and Spirit.

I have been asked if I believe in God, and I always say "no."  I usually turn it around and ask the inquirer if he "believes" where his ears are, or if he "believes" where he lives.  My answer is always that I don't believe in God;  I know.  And it is a certainty that goes beyond "normal" understanding, because it transcends itself, and I have found I can "extrapolate" that onto most all other things.

The point becomes: "How does a 'Saved' person 'operate' in an 'unsaved' environment?"  Interestingly, once you are saved, and you read the Bible from that viewpoint, it makes amazing sense.  It has become a sort of a manual, to say the least.  I have found that once you are "saved" you are "saved" and that's it.  Do I worry about "the end of the world?"  Who would worry about that unless they were not "saved."

Do I ponder and speculate about UFO's and aliens?

No I do not.

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