Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Looney Tune, Dud, Or Worse?

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We are barraged, via media and blogs, about the rantings of a psychotic, sociopathic, North Korean dictator, threatening to nuke the U.S. and then we hear (from the Weekly Standard) that the U.S ambassador To South Korea, in the midst of this "international crisis," which the Pentagon says it is taking very seriously, takes a week off for vacation, albeit cut short by "important developments."
Nevertheless he finds the time for an excursion with his kids, ostensibly a three-day weekend, complete with pictures a-la-tourist, and blogs merrily about it all, and, according to Daniel Halper, asks:  "...'What are your favorite vacation spots in Korea?...Please let me know in the comments, and I will be sure to read them.'..."

Meanwhile, you and others, are digging frantically in their back yards to create some kind of fall-out shelter, or at least wishing you had or wondering if you should.

No one in the State Department apparently informed Ambassador Sung Kim (or he didn't personally read the memo) about keeping up appearances, especially those "important developments" that need to be kept up, in order to act as a distraction from the conflict in Syria, the sky-rocketing prices of gasoline due to the artificial crisis with Iran, the escalating scandal regarding Benghazi, the Gun Control National Campaign Tour that the President is on, with an entourage of props and actors, and which is quickly becoming a fiasco for the Prez., etc. etc.

Or is the ambassador just a psychotic and sociopathic loon so disconnected he has no sense of remorse or emotion connected to reality?

Or is it that he is is in shock from the looming, imminent nuclear war "on the peninsula" and merely over-medicated with the latest prozac-like anti-depressant to cope with the overwhelming pressure of his post?

It must be some of this, or all of this, or else we are being duped, you and I.

Someone please explain this, because it certainly does not make any sense at all. (You read it HERE)

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