Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Folly of Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Accepting the premise that the Obama Administration and Congress are conducting "negotiations" to keep from sending the nation over a fiscal cliff is sheer nonsense, and neither side is without issues on this matter.

Specifically:  Why would you send to "negotiate" for no new taxes, massive spending cuts, and entitlement reform, those very people who seek to benefit from:   new taxes for their pet programs; massive spending for their ability to trade and barter with your tax dollars for their own benefit, and for the benefit of those they bribe, and the enhancement, with your money, their ability to "purchase" votes for more entitlement programs.

It is sheer folly, and their blame game is a cover-up, a sham, a flim flam, a racket to make you believe they are at odds with each other, when in fact, in the end, the "compromise" they reach will benefit them immensely.

Their true purpose is to work themselves out of a job, and that should be the measure of their worth to you.  Any one of them there for any purpose other than that is not working for you at all.

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