Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Obama has been declared the winner, but the loser was not so much Mitt Romney, as it is the nation...  And by "nation" I mean our American Constitutional Nation:  Not the Socialist invader culture that has infiltrated this country.

Pundits are falling all over themselves with their versions of what happened, and some are licking their wounds for their "mis-predictions."

If you follow Vanguard of Freedom, you knew back in 2010, and even as late as 2011, what was going to happen in 2012, because I put forth a formula to follow to ensure victory in 2012.  Implicit in that formula was a severe crash if those actions were not done.  And a crash there has been.

That formula, if you can recall, said basically that the SUCCESSFUL actions of the 2010 elections, those things that caused the success of the Tea Party, had to be reinforced.  Those things that did not work had to be discarded or fixed, and once they were fixed, added to the successful actions and PUSHED.

I won't list what those actions were, because if you are a Tea Party-er you basically know.  The analysis you will get nowhere else is this:

The non-Tea Party Republicans ganged up (wittingly or unwittingly) against the Tea Party and created a "compromise," in order to "win" an election.  You have now experienced the results.

The Tea Party should not lament.  They have been absolved and have been acknowledged.  They were right in more ways than one.  Once those successful actions were abandoned, anyone who could have converted from the Socialist Give-Away-bankrupt-the-nation cult, followed their nose to salivate for the false promises and the goody bag of the looters.

Instead of reinforcing the Tea Party, the usual Big Money, Pork-and-Favors trading-(at tax-payer expense) looters, chose to reinstate the welfare state (theirs) and pretended a candidate so that they could "win."  Obama did not win:  The looters of both sides won.  The looter status-quo is intact, and ("they" think) the Tea Party is finished.

What most don't understand is that the Tea Party is not exclusively a political movement:  It is a cultural movement, and you can easily determine from its "culture" that it, above else, is  the American Cultural Revolution.  It's not going to die.  In fact, when the bottle was uncorked, the genie emerged from the bottle, and it has not been put back.

That genie, by the way, did not emerge in 2009, or 2010.  That vintage wine was uncorked in 1776. And not the musings, or any diabolical schemes of the Royal families that have plotted since to put that genie back in the bottle, have been able to extinguish that flame of freedom.  The Royalists caused a national division and changed this nation covertly by plotting, scheming, financing the American Civil War, which was supposed to end the cult of the Constitution, but the Spirit of the Constitution survived.  The Royals invented communism in order to wield a stick, whose both ends, the supposed political opposites, they would control.  And yet after more than a century, the Tea Party emerged.  This is an idea, which will not die, no matter who tries to kill it.

Obviously all the money in the world, from the richest families in the world cannot and will not kill it: Not as long as it lives in your heart and as long as it is your passion.

The BIG winner in this election is the Tea Party.  Hereafter the Looter class, with its Royalist money and its corporate elite in tow, will continue to go after the Tea Party to try and finish it off.  Welcome them with open arms, for any movement for Freedom will only grow if an attempt is made to suppress it.

The key is the culture of Freedom, and that has to grow from the bottom up.  Once it has grown to considerable size and resultant power, no amount of money, or "media" will matter, for the culture will be the politic and the politic will be the culture.

King George, the Vampire, is alive and well and gloating because he thinks he has bested "the colonies" once again.  The Tea Party is the wooden stake that will put period to the blood-sucking vermin that plunder and pillage to feed their psychotic urges.  The wars, chaos, famine, misery, and slavery are testimonials to their perverted, pretended attempts to govern.  Never in the history of mankind have they been able to get beyond the Master-Slave equation.  This election and the results of it are merely the convulsions and the mad protests of the mad-men and women that have made this planet a hell to live in.  They convulse and protest the emergence of Freedom.

If you are lamenting because the election was lost, consider this:  The only mention of the Tea Party in this election was when it was being denigrated or demonized.  When was its banner waved to herald its cause?  Instead it was to sit in the corner quietly, its contributions in money and personnel accepted, but its silence required.

The Republicans lost the election.  Obama won the election.  But the Tea Party has Won The Nation. It's time to get up, be silent no more, and take the prize.

Behold, you are now unchained.  Emancipated.

What cause do Spirits that are Free create?

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