Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 Election Confirmed Tea Party As Winner

Now that all the pundits, counselors, consultants, tech entrepreneurs , internet geeks, and those that bank-rolled them have given you all the excuses for why Mitt Romney did not win the election, are you satisfied with their assessments?
Some have the audacity to call it “wound-licking.”

If you recall, back when it was fashionable to be a “radical” conservative Tea partier, the clever propagandists, which sometimes posed as reporters, kept asking the “consultants:”  “Yes you have this candidate (or that one),  but if Romney becomes the nominee, will you not support him?”  And almost to a man or woman, they answered that they would support Romney. 

Of course, the question is a loaded question, akin to the question, “Are you still beating your wife?”
But very few chose to challenge that, and the “culture” that refrain created.

The Obama win is being promoted by traditional progressive republicans as a loss by the Tea Party, but, they are wrong.  In fact, the Tea Party has been acknowledged and confirmed as the movement to fix the broken “Republican” Party.

The Tea Party enjoyed tremendous success in the 2010 elections, and when one does an analysis of what has  gone wrong in any situation, one invariably chooses to get back to the successful actions... those things that WORKED, and what worked in 2010, OVERWHELMINGLY was the Tea Party.
In those cases in 2010 where the Republican Party did not back the Tea Party, the elections were lost.

In 2012 the Tea Party was at best marginalized. 

Did you ever hear Romney defend it?
And what was the platform of the Tea Party that got them success?

Yes, a big part of it was THE ECONOMY.  But an underlying factor, and one that went unnoticed, unfortunately was THE CULTURE  it  revived.  It was “grassroots” culture creation.
The Tea Party is still advancing.  None of those people have gone away, except those that sold out to other interests, especially financial interests.

But the in-the-trenches Tea Partiers are still there.  The movement has not only survived, it is ripe for expansion.  Think about it.  The Carl Rovistas, and all the Boehneristas, the Cantoristas, etc., all appear to have spent mega bucks to get Obama re-elected.  Who is there, then, to fix this, other than the very ones Republican progressives shunned?
The nation is ripe for Tea Party Pickin’s. 

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