Thursday, October 18, 2012

Political Dominance And Its Infrastructure

There's a principle of warfare, and those of you who partake in the pleasures of the study know what I am talking about.  Those of you who are not aficionados, and are skeptical, just assume I made this up.

That "principle" is that when you remove from power or influence an enemy, a tyrant, a despot, or even if you take out a key player that has undue influence over a leader.... then you MUST, MUST, MUST also take out his "infrastructure."  By "infrastructure" it does not mean that you take out his plumbing, or the roads, or the implements of his organization.  By infrastructure it is meant that you take out his "connections," those elements, whether they are the people he was blackmailing, coercing, or using in any way to wield his power, or those that did so voluntarily because they shared or agreed with his purpose.

If per chance you are lucky in this next election to replace an Obama with a Romney, and if Romney is on the "up and up" and he keeps the Republicans happy, and the Tea Party happy, and manages to do half of what he promised, you must take into account the "infrastructure" of the Obama administration.  That infrastructure will not have gone away with the defeat of the Obama administration at the polls.

One of the primary factors of that infrastructure will be the SLIME, the Socialist Liberal Media, and the influence and power it wields.  That "media" has its building blocks and fundamentals in a very basic culture, and that culture must not remain intact either.

How to dismantle that entire apparatus is another matter altogether, but at the very least you MUST understand that there is an entire culture that fostered the emergence of a machine that has been carving up, disintegrating, and dominating American culture, since before the Civil War.  And if the American Nation and its culture is to be restored, that "counter" culture must not remain intact.

If the Socialist regime remains in power, this task will be a bit harder to accomplish, but it will not be impossible.

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