Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SHOCKER: Romney's Nose Was Showing!

Conservatives' knee-jerk reaction to the (apparently-not-so) obvious propaganda ploy by the Socialist Democrats and their patsies, the Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME) of making something utterly completely normal into something artificially appalling, for the express purpose of drawing attention away from an international catastrophe that is nothing less than a foreign policy fiasco for the Socialists in the White House, would be comical, if it were not for the fact that they swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

Not much can detract from the international calamity of Embassy and consulate attacks, nor the horrific images of burning buildings and the body of an American being dragged through the streets by Muslim terrorists, but the authors of cum-ba-ya diplomacy have certainly tried to deflect attention away from that catastrophe.

Democrats might have just as well have made it appalling, that during a speech, Romney's nose was actually showing, and then broadcast a "secret" video of that "event" as horrifying and preposterous, and I bet there would be Republicans and Conservatives holding press conferences from here to Paducah making all kinds of excuses as to why it was ok that Romney's nose was showing.

I mentioned the "secret" tape of Romney, expounding about the percentage of Americans that do not pay taxes; about how many Americans are actually on food stamps, to my very Liberal/Socialist neighbor, and in an amazing display of clarity, albeit quite confused that it was actually a "news story," he exlaimed, "So?"

He was confused, but said, "You know," if Romney had been an extreme left-wing Obama-Bill Ayers, type of radical, and had suddenly proclaimed that he was for 'free enterprise,' I might be appalled.  But.... he IS a Republican, isn't he?"

What WAS amazing was the Conservative/Republican reaction. Suddenly they were elated that Romney was pro-individual, pro free-market, pro-personal responsibility, and against entitlement and against living off the government dole.

At some point, maybe a bit more than a few hours after that "appalling" story about the Romney "secret video" broke, someone said, "Wait a minute.  What's so appalling about that?"

And for a few hours the Obama administration was able to distract its opponents from an apparent Muslim extremist re-declaration of war against the U.S., and the consequent bombings, burnings, and stormings of U.S. embassies across the Muslim "world," as the Obam-istas did their song-and-dance to come up with some kind of coherent message.

And what was that message?  CONFUSION!

Just keep your eye on the nut-shell in the middle as they shuffle the blame around.  "It was that big, bad, anti-Muslim video that was the culprit.  No, it was the spontaneous rioting that emerged from the disorganized demonstrations.  No, it's not what the Secretary of State said, it was what the U.N. Ambassador said.  No, it was not what the President of Libya said, it was what the Deputy Secretary of State said:  blah, blah blah."

Oh and just for good measure, they trashed the Constitution, specifically, "Freedom of Speech," by arresting someone for expressing himself in a video, BECAUSE it ticked off a bunch of Muslims. Par for the course, of course.  That would be the 2nd time they "detained" someone  for speaking their mind in less than a month (that made the news, that is), i.e., Brandon Raub, the Marine Veteran who was held illegally for posting his opinions on his FACEBOOK page.

What next?

SHOCKER:  Romney has two ears.  One on each side of his head!


Are you not just appalled?

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