Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Lipstick" Convention "Flip-Flops" On Jerusalem and "God" Platform Deletions

They Were "Against" It Before They Were "For" It...

After repeated media reports that the "Lipstick" Democrat Convention had removed "God" from its party platform, and that they had also removed any mention of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, the Convention, "flip-flopped" on the issues and voted to include those items as part of the party platform.

(Massive amounts of bright-red Lipstick were immediately deployed to paint a crimson "happy face" on the Party Platform).

The action is consistent with Socialist Democrat actions in the past, in which they were for something and then against it (As in the Iraq War)... The "flip-flop" action was epitomized by once Democrat Presidential candidate, John Kerry, of Massachusetts, who was, in 2004, positioned as the "flip-flop" candidate, among other things.

According to Fox News (Brett Baeir / Special Report) President Obama intervened to get those items reinstated into the platform.

The items were re-inserted even after Democrat pundits and Obama surrogates, namely Joe Trippi, commented to Fox News that "I didn’t even know God was in the Democratic platform and I don’t think many others did either. No one reads these documents.”

For something as unimportant as the Democrat Party Platform, the Convention went to great pains to "put lipstick" on items "that no one was going to read" and took action to reinstate those items.

Here's the VIDEO of the "reinstating."

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