Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sober-Up, Mr. Speaker, Now's Not The Time For Crying-In-Your-Beer Policies...

Please See the interview, then please comment on the write-up below it:


 With all due respect to the article by Melanie Hunter at, House Speaker's semi-slurred speech, along with his "we're all pal's in this here Congress-type" comments, from my perspective, it appears that Boehner was more than slightly smashed, when he did this interview.

And while the Speaker might want to appear to be reaching across the aisle to appear being effective in Congress, it has the effect of promoting a lack of spine that's necessary to make, not hard decisions...(because it's not really hard to make the fiscal decisions required to make our nation solvent.... You and I work within our budgets every day)... but decisions that will ensure the solvency of our nation, the decisions that will turn our economy around by making our nation  business-friendly, so that jobs can be created, and so that "production" is rewarded and not penalized, as is the norm with the Obama administration.

The Speaker should be the one leading thousands of Americans in protest up to the White House Lawn, if necessary, to take the message to the President that we are fed up, that we do not want compromise, that we want the Congress to pass a budget, that we want government to live within its means, and that we want to reward production, not penalize it, that we want a strong national foreign policy, not a national policy of apology, and that we want a strong defense, so that we can negotiate from a position of strength!

Speaker Boehner appears to be living in the fantasy world that was pre-Tea Party, when Pork ruled Congress, and when back-room deals and money-laced "compromises" were exchanged at the expense of the tax-payers and their hard earned money, when the palms of politicians were so greased with favors, you could hardly hold on to their hands during a hand-shake.

Common ground with Socialists?

Compromise with Socialists got us where we are today. Sober up, Mr. Speaker. This is not the time for "crying in your beer."

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