Saturday, July 21, 2012

Janet Napolitano Refuses to Answer Congressman Gohmert's Questions About Security Leaks

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert became impatient while trying to get answers from Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, this week, as Napolitano testified before Congress during a Homeland Security Oversight hearing.

A C-SPAN 3 video released by Gohmert's office shows Gohmert questioning Napolitano repeatedly about Mohamed Elibiary, who, according to Gohmert, was given access, ostensibly by Homeland Security, to classified information via a "Secret" level security clearance.  Gohmert alleged that Elibiary had used his security clearance to access classified information.  Gohmert also questioned Napolitano about Elibiary and the Egyptian Freedom And Justice Foundation, which has had it's Federal 501 C-3 (non-proftit) status rescinded by the IRS in May of 2010 for failing to file documentation required by the IRS.

A Patrick Poole article in PJ Media's Daily Digest suggests that the documentation was not submitted by the Freedom and Justice Foundation because it wanted to conceal the identities of its donors. Quoting attorneys familiar with such issues, Poole reveals:
"...The only possible reason someone would possibly jeopardize their 501(c)3 status by refusing to file would be to conceal the sources of income from the U.S. government. If he was concerned about anyone else finding out that information, that part of the 990 is not accessible to the public, so that’s no excuse. And for such a high-profile personality to decide to just never file doesn’t make a lick of sense unless there’s something he’s deliberately trying to hide. And there are serious questions that need to be answered by the rest of the board of directors too..."
Poole then asks:
"...How did Elibiary obtain and keep a security clearance when he refused for nearly a decade to reveal his organization’s sources of income to the federal government?  This is especially problematic considering he needed that clearance for his work with the FBI, the National Counterterrorism Center, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence..."
See the Poole Article HERE....

This is the basis for Gohmert's questioning of Napolitano, who repeatedly refused to answer the Representative's questions regarding  Elibiary's Secret Level Security Clearance access and his alleged downloading of classified information.

In the wake of reports and allegations of Obama administration leaks, compromises of State Secrets, the hedging of questions by Obama Administration officials, in this case, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, before Congressional Oversight Committee investigators, does it not raise additional questions about what is being accessed, leaked, compromised, and by whom and for whom the leaks are being perpetrated?

See the Video HERE.

Do you think Napolitano should have answered his questions?

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