Friday, May 24, 2013

Obamistas Stone Wall'ing Congress To Buy Time

Isn't it curious that Congressional investigators were deluged with "I don't know-can't answer that" responses to their queries, regarding the various scandals now plaguing the Obama administration.  Today we hear that a key "witness" has invoked the fifth amendment in order to avoid scrutiny and accountability.

Assuming that most everyone of any strategic or tactical significance in these Obamista Scandals has "lawyer'd up," it is only a matter of time before someone says that "enough is enough,"  begins to shift matters onto the courts, and begins prosecuting recalcitrants, issuing "Contempts of Congress," and resorting to the wholesale jailing of people for refusing to cooperate.

Why then, the stonewall'ing and reluctance to testify?

It is to buy time.

"Time" allows things to diffuse, and it creates distance and space from the "political heat of the moment."

That's probably why you had a totally irrelevant speech delivered by the President yesterday.  His attempt to fill the "defense" vacuum of his administration, was to say something, "anything," even if it was something everyone had already heard before, because he certainly did not come out of that "speech" as anything but less than Presidential.  It certainly did not work as a deflector to any of the scandals.

And for the President to go out and deliver such a banal, boring speech, it can only mean that they have nothing else at the moment.  There are no tornado's, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, wholesale invasions of the United States, to interfere with the widespread disclosures that are bringing the Obama administration to a near complete stop.

So we wait until one is concoted; until surreptitious events are artificially set in motion as a distraction, and the "tail once again begins to wag the dog."

In the meantime, you can bet that a politically savvy (albeit corrupt) group of politicos will take every measure to cover their tracks, including the occlusion and destruction of evidence.

If this latter declaration is true, then you can probably count on Administration shredding machines working overtime to turn valuable documents into chad, and you can probably smell the Washington D.C. incinerators as far away as Oregon, as they vaporize incriminating documents.

By the end of the day, the delete buttons on computer devices will have been worn down into nubs, and molten hard-drives will be converted into recycled metal.

You would think that Congress would have its instruments, at the very least, issuing  "hands off delete button" orders or cease and desist orders to any destruction of evidence or documents.

Unfortunately, with the exception of a very few, the images emerging from Congress are those of "investigators" waiting around for evidence to fall on their laps.

Let's hope that isn't so.

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